7-24-20 Friday

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Benjamin and HONEY Bunny, Lola and Bugs, Cutey and Clyde and Bunny all together again. So good to see all the kitties again.
Were they always in their cages or were they let out to interact with each other for a while?

The kittens stayed in their carriers – Bunny was free-roaming. Lola and Bugs were actually there about an hour before Benjamin and Honey, so they didn’t cross paths.


Can you tell me what kind of bed Cutey is sleeping in, in the first photo. It looks like it would good flat?

That is a Kinpaw Felt Cat Bed 4-in-1, and if you don’t mind waiting, we’re going to have a couple of them in the November auction!


That photo of Rochefort looking up at that camera also reminds me of a photo of Lucy’s Roseanne (pretty sure it was her), also sitting pretty and looking up at the camera with her little round face.



I can see that!


Do you know about current availability & contact info for the Ham-Mick? I wanted to reorder but haven’t gotten any response from the sbcglobal address. I can measure my existing one & make more, but I’d buy if they’re available!

Unfortunately, the sbcglobal address is the only address I have. Maybe try emailing a second time, if you haven’t already?


How do you clean the cat tree?

Between litters, you mean? I vacuum it, spray it with Rescue spray and then vacuum it again once it’s dry.


Alexandra is still at Michelle’s house. Michelle reported that Alexandra is now eating well (yay!) Michelle will keep nebulizing Alexandra, and once she’s better she’ll come back here. For now, she’s definitely in the best possible hands!

Picture taken before she went to Michelle’s, obviously.

Another shot of Rochefort from above.

Athos is all “I killed it!”

When Alexandra and the kittens came to me, I had to pretty much chase down Winter to pet and snuggle with her, but she’s apparently decided I’m not so bad, and will flop down near me so I can pet her. She is soft like a little cotton ball, that girl.

Aramis really likes the crown bed.

D’Artagnan really likes to be Da BAYbee.

Constance checks out the Cuties box before she comes over for a snuggle.

Winter looks like she’s not completely sure she’s going to be able to get out of that scratcher. (She was fine – she’s all floof, and floof slides through that tunnel just fine.)

That scratcher is just as popular with this litter as it was with the previous two.

Yep, Porthos has a heart on his belly. It’s the perfect spot to boop him.

Tiny Rochefort.

“My goodness,” says Aramis. “I am SO good-looking!”

Planchet and Athos weren’t actually touching, but they were pretty darn close.


When Jake suspects it’s nearly time for there to be food going into his mouth, he gets very excited and rubs up against the nearest cat, in this case Alice. All the cats put up with it for a little while, but they don’t LOVE it.

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