7-20-20 Monday

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I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news to start off the week, but Saturday afternoon our dear sweet Anne passed away. She’d had a good morning, eating and snuggling and even swiping at a passing kitten in a playful way, but when she crashed, she crashed hard and there was no bringing her back. When she left us, she was safe and warm and loved, and sometimes that’s the most we can hope for. (These pictures don’t show just how thin she was – she was literally less than half the weight she should have been, she was truly skin and bones. I believe she went without for too long, and her body just couldn’t hold out.)

Today’s post will be include the pictures I took of her, because she was absolutely the cutest, and I want y’all to see that during her short time here with us, she was pretty happy.

A good little eater, is what she was.

Very fond of the Cuties box.

She loved to curl up in my lap with Rochefort and Constance.

Snuggled up with Constance in the Cuties box.

Part of the Clean Plate Club.

Sweet girls.

A lap full.

A post-bath snuggle with Winter, who didn’t seem to mind.

She found a puddle of kittens and snuggled right in. Such a sweet bunch of kittens.


Headed off for their spay and neuter surgeries today, are these two muffinheads.

Clyde’s enjoying that peach basket.

It’s the perfect size for him!

Cutey saw me outside, watering the catnip, and wanted to know what was going on.

Uncle Archie finds the kittens intriguing. I’ve actually seen him playing with them – especially Cutey – in the mornings. I haven’t been able to get a good picture or video, but you’ll have to trust me: it’s VERY cute.


Khal the Magnificent enjoys some time hanging out with Newt.

And with Archie!


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