7-22-20 Wednesday

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Cutey loves the mid-day sun in the hallway bathroom.

When I’m making food for the Mewsketeers, Newt and Jake get to lick the cans. Clyde finds the whole thing very intriguing.

“Move over, Uncle Jake, I want some!”

Cutey, checking out the goings-on.

Cutey playing with Uncle Archie.


Athos is all “Do you mind? We is sleepin’.”

Rochefort is a snuggler. Look at the smile!

Winter considers climbing the crate.

I fear that I will never get a picture that truly shows what a stunning boy Aramis is.

Constance would like the belly rub to begin, if y’don’t mind.

Winter and Aramis have a tussle.

Whether he knows it or not, d’Artagnan needs a kiss.

Athos has such a serious little face.

Porthos loves to hang out of the crate like that.

Winter watching Rochefort play.

Planchet checks out the Fruitasan while Rochefort squeezes by.

Planchet has stopped growling at the other kittens. I wouldn’t say he’s 100% integrated yet, but he’s not far from it. They’re so easy to toss together at this age!

Alexandra is still at Michelle’s – she’s actually eating a little, which is more than she did here, so that’s good!


Newt on the screened porch, lookin’ pretty.


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