7-13-20 Monday

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Just a reminder that the raffle for the Fancy Sofa is now going on!

You can go over to the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville auction page here, and read about how to enter. BUT if you prefer not to do the Facebook thing, I’m including the details and instructions below!

*$5 gets your name entered once (the drawing takes place July 18th) and you can buy as many entries as you’d like – so if you want to be entered 4 times, that’ll be $20, and so on.

*Go to PayPal, send the money via “Friends” to forgottenfelineshsv (at) yahoo.com, and for each $5 donated you’ll be entered once into the drawing. The drawing takes place live on the Facebook page on July 18th around 7:15ish PM (Central time).

Details about the Fancy Sofa itself: Your kitties or your small dog, would LOVE to take naps on this – and you KNOW you’d love to take photos of them on it! Crocheted by Roswitha. The yarn is SUPER DUPER SOFT, shaped around sturdy foam, 3 tiny (attached) pillows included, all washable. Overall measurements are 16″ in diameter, 4″ high in the front, 9″ high in the back. So unique!

For size reference, Bunny (in that picture above) is about 9 pounds and fits comfortably. The size is comparable to my own Fancy Sofa (which is a tiny bit smaller, likely because it’s been through the wash a few times.) Stefan used to occasionally nap on our Fancy Sofa, and he was a good 12 pounds at that point. So unless your cat is super huge, he or she will likely fit comfortably. (And to be honest, if your cat is too big for the Fancy Sofa, there is a good chance s/he will still try to nap there, which affords excellent picture taking opportunities!) Raffle entries will be accepted through July 18th (Saturday) at 7 pm (Central time).


Uncle Archie and the Fluffles.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time Cutey has met Uncle Archie – look at her already beginning to floof.

Sniffing noses.

Cutey has an opinion – and Archie has the Ears of Annoyance.

Archie considers hopping up on the table to get away from that floofy kitten.

Clyde gets a sniff of Uncle Archie.

Bugs says “Dude, NO. What are you doing?! Don’t go near him, he’s skeery!”

Clyde agrees, Uncle Archie is a bit skeery.

Lola goes in for a sniff of Uncle Archie’s tail. Clyde looks down the hall at the door to the foster room (which is closed), and Bugs has de-poofed, but is keeping his distance.

Uncle Archie considers an escape down the stairs.

Clyde takes another look at the foster room door, and since Uncle Archie (and the kittens) had clearly had enough, we called it a good enough visit at this point, and put them back in the foster room.

I know it’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on here – Bugs is nursing, Lola is lying behind Bunny snoozing, and Cutey and Clyde are keeping an eye on me.


Dewey is not inclined to have any kind of visit with any goofy little kittens, thank you.


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