7-21-20 Tuesday

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I’d say Archie has adapted to Cutey and Clyde and vice versa. (He’s very happy about the fact that he can come upstairs during the day again AND there’s a bowl of kitten kibble to snack on.)

Newt’s all “You gonna let me out?” and Clyde’s all “Yeah. You gonna let him out?” (I did.)

Little posers.

As you may have guessed, Cutey and Clyde came through their spay/neuter surgeries just fine. They were pretty quiet when we got home last night, but by bedtime were starting to play.

If you were wondering whether Bunny’s time away from her kittens has softened her toward them…

The first thing she did was hiss at them and give me this look. Not missing the kittens, our Bunny.

I saw Bugs and Lola, who were there to get their rabies shots. They are doing great and are very happy.

They look so much bigger in just a week!

And Benjamin and Honey, who were pretty chill about the whole situation.

Those white tufts in his ears. SERIOUSLY.


I also took Alexandra with me when I took Cutey and Clyde. She hasn’t been eating, and despite the fact that I’ve been syringe feeding kitten food and a high-calorie supplement several times a day, she’s losing weight – and she wasn’t big to begin with. She’s got some upper respiratory thing going on (she’s on medication for it) and likely isn’t eating because she can’t smell anything. Since she isn’t producing milk – the kittens are comfort nursing at this point, and eating well on their own – I left her with Michelle, who will get her to the vet sometime today. The kittens honestly don’t even seem to notice she’s gone and ate well on their own last night. (She’ll be back in a day or so, I’m sure.)


Would you like to meet the new Mewsketeer? You know you would! First the pictures, then his story.

Say hello to Planchet. Look at that delightful swirl on his side.

He’s a pretty boy.

He’s all “Why are there so many kittens here?”

“Who are you?”

Athos had to take a closer look.

Alexandra’s all “Oh, great.”

D’Artagnan says “You lifts a paw at me, Mister, you better be prepared to use it!”

“Tell him to stop lookin’ at me.”

Rochefort and Planchet from above.

Alexandra saw that pile of beds on the shelf and said “What the-? Why are those THERE? They don’t belong THERE.”

And then she pulled them down.

So Planchet is, I believe, about 8 weeks old. The guy I picked him up from on Sunday said that he and his girlfriend were boating down the river when she heard a noise. They looked to shore, and standing about 10 feet from an access road was a little gray kitten, howling to beat the band. Chances are good, given his location, that he’d been dumped there. They picked him up and continued down the river, and a few minutes later what’d they see? Two coyotes, headed in the direction where Planchet had been. He is one lucky little guy!

He reacted to the other kittens and Alexandra by hissing and growling. At this point he’s still hissing and growling if the others get too close to him, but he also very clearly wants to play. His hissing and growling impresses no one at all, though Alexandra did smack him upside the head at one point when he got too close to her and growled. I’m sure he’ll knock it off in a few more days. He is a SUPER friendly little guy, and the instant you pet him or pick him up, he purrs like crazy.


Dewey giving his Daddy the Eyes of Lurve and not even noticing that I’m there.


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