7-21-16 Throw Back Thursday

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This is the last of the posts I pre-wrote and scheduled before I went on vacation; I wrote a couple of posts to allow myself to get back into the routine of things (I was scheduled to arrive home Tuesday evening. Here’s hoping I did!) There should be a newly written post for tomorrow. That’s the plan, anyway!


I happened across this the other day, and it made me laugh. That’s Hodor from 3 years ago.



I was surprised when I ran across this picture from June 2011 recently.

That’s Alice! And Jake! All snuggled up together! I had truly forgotten that that had ever happened. Fred said the other day that he thinks Alice and Jake are actually friends when we’re not around to see, and judging by this picture, it’s entirely possible he’s right.

Here they are again, a few months after that picture. Snuggling!

And here’s Spanky and Alice, also from 2011. Who knew?

(I mean, obviously I knew at some point, but if asked point-blank a few days ago if Alice and Spanky or Alice and Jake were in the business of snuggling up at any point in the past, I probably would have pretty strongly denied it.)

And here’s one last surprising picture, this one from way back in 2008.

Starting at the cat between the pillows and going clockwise, we have: Stinkerbelle, Newt, Mister Boogers, HG, and Maxi.

I can’t even. Stinkerbelle, being that close to non-Tommy cats? Maxi laying within reach of a KITTEN? What? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

That tuxie kitten, by the way, is HG. I haven’t gotten the posts about HG (so named because he had an hourglass shape on his belly) and his sister Smudge Bunny moved to Love & Hisses – it’s on my ever-growing list of things to do; who knows when I’ll get around to it? – but you can see the pictures of them here at Flickr if you’re interested.

8 years after HG and Smudge Bunny were our fosters, Fred still remembers HG as “one of the best fosters ever.” He remembers him by NAME, and you know how rare that is!


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  1. HG and Smudge Bunny were/are cuties!! HG had some Archie-like attitude going on in those pictures. No wonder Fred liked him!