7-1-19 Monday

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That’s right, Antoine…

Flaunt ’em while you’ve got ’em!

Oh, that Madeline and her wide-eyed amazement over everything. She makes me want to just squoosh her.

Just sitting there with one foot in the air. You do you, Jacques.

Tiny Basket, Tiny Francois.

In case you missed it over the weekend, this one went into heat on Thursday and it was delightful. (NOT.) Girlfriend has got some LUNGS and her voice really carries when she wants it to. Lucky for me, ear plugs and a white noise machine muted the noise enough that I could sleep. We’ll be having her spayed as soon as we can get an appointment. (Yes, she can be spayed while she’s in heat, though she seems to be coming out of it, THANK THE LORD. And yes, she can still nurse the kittens after – most of our mamas have been spayed and then went on to let their kittens nurse almost immediately after, since as you may have noticed, those kittens will nurse FOREVER.)

Amelie loves that box – which has a heated pad on the very bottom, and then a nice, thick cushy bed on top of it. She sits in there and bakes, then comes out and flops down on the floor in a melted puddle, then does it all over again.

Madeline has a giggle.

Antoine holding Mama’s paw while the other kittens nurse.

Yes, Esmee’s eyes really are that beautiful shade of blue.

Esmee hanging out in the giant donut, as you do.

I was waiting for Margeaux to go on a smacking spree, but she just gave me this look and ignored those kittens.

To answer the questions I’ve been asked since I announced that Margeaux is pregnant: I have no idea when, and I have no idea how many kittens. I don’t expect it to be this week, and judging by how much Margeaux’s been eating it’s either 25 very small kittens or one really big kitten who’ll come out ready for college.

As of last night’s weigh-in, all of the kittens are well over 1 pound, and one of them (Jacques) is nearly 2 pounds. At 8 weeks old (tomorrow) they’re still a little smaller than you’d expect (the rule of thumb is 1 pound per month) but they’re eating, pooping, playing, and gaining daily. Amelie is up to a whopping 1 pound, 6.5 ounces, and Madeline is the smallest at 1 pound, 3 ounces. I’ll hopefully get a weight chart posted on their “about” page so y’all can see the progression.


Khal’s favorite place to hang out – on the pizza bed that Fred made for him, in the bay window. I love that you can see Alice and Newt through the window.


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  1. I swear, every photo today is cuter than the last (if that’s even possible).

    Aw, what a great picture of the Khal, Alice and Newt!

  2. As to Katriane–so much for maintaining a milk supply as a form of birth control.

  3. That shot of Esmee’s eyes is so dramatic! And I love that first picture of sweet Antoine’s (ahem) equipment.

  4. You gotta give us Khal groupies a heads up when a photo of him is posted! Damn, that boy is gorgeous! The kittens are cute too!

  5. Okay, “flaunt ’em while you’ve got ’em!” made me laugh probably harder than I should have. He just has no idea.