6-30-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Madeline inquires, “Why you wake me up, lady?”

Good night, innernets. (Madeline & Esmee)

Antoine’s hanging out, playing with the feather ball, waiting for Jacques to wake up.

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Jacques vs. the broom.

Good night, innernets.

Breakfast is served!

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Margeaux’s feelin’ judgy.

Esmee is a sleepy little muffin.

Good night, innernets. (Amelie & Esmee)

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I didn’t hear the joke, but apparently it was a good one. (Jacques)

Esmee has a ::thlurrrp::

Indeed, Amelie.

Good night, innernets. (Esmee)

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Katriane’s tail is the BEST toy.

One of my favorite pics from when we lived at Crooked Acres: the awesome Sugarbutt flirting with Frick (short for Fricassee) the chicken in June 2007.

Cup of CUTE. (Madeline)

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Shenanigans and hijinx.

Good night, innernets. (Antoine)

Good night, innernets. (Amelie)

Katriane is in heat, and she is incredibly obnoxious and vocal, and there is no place in this house to get away from the sound of her piercing wail, so it’s a delight. (She will be spayed ASAP, hopefully.) Between the way female cats in heat act when they’re in heat, and the way intact male cats spray everywhere (and stink), I will never ever understand why anyone would want an unspayed/unneutered cat in their home.

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Wherein Francois is Da BAYbee.

Good night, innernets. (Antoine & Madeline)


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6-30-19 Weekly Roundup — 4 Comments

  1. ***
    “the way female cats in heat act when they’re pregnant ” – I’m confused. I didn’t know pregnant cats went into heat! So Katriane is in heat AND she’s pregnant? And Margeaux is also preggers? Wow – that’s gonna be a lot of chatons!! (And here is where I vote for Jaune-Tom, Mewsette, Robespierre, Meowrice, Madame Rubenchat, and Henry Pffft [1411 Sandbox Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA] from Gay Purr-ee!)

  2. Oh please, after watching the Shenanigans and hijinx video, clearly kittens are stuffed with the most delicious and buttery mashed potatoes.

    Would you look at that gorgeous picture of Sugarbutt?!! Awesome for sure!