6-28-19 Friday

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Have you ever had kittens with such big bellies? I don’t remember the Half-Pints looking that chubby. Is it healthy? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s adorable, but at times I wonder if that’s a normal condition.

If they weren’t acting like normal kittens (playing like crazy, eating, pooping), I’d be worried. As it is, I think it’s a reaction on their part to being partially starved for an unknown amount of time, since Margeaux wasn’t producing milk. They’ve been dewormed (which would be my first guess; they’re currently on their second round of deworming) and a vet looked them over and pronounced them healthy. I think the bellies will go away as they get older.


If Margeaux is not the mother of these kittens, I’m curious as to why she is still with you and not at Petsmart up for adoption?


Just wondering, if Margeaux is NotTheMother and isn’t producing milk, how long will she stay with you, Robyn, before she is spayed and up for adoption?

I partially answered the first comment on Wednesday with this:

Oh, if it were up to me, Margeaux would have been spayed and on her way 4 weeks ago, as soon as we realized she wasn’t producing milk. But Forgotten Felines is flooded with cats/kittens right now, so I don’t know when that’ll happen. She’s good company for Katriane, at least.

But, of course, there’s more to the story.

A surprisingly flattering angle.

Yep. I’m not thrilled about this, but Margeaux is pregnant. (She did not get pregnant while here, I’m sure you already know that every adult male here is neutered.) A cat’s gestation period is 58 to 65 days and she’s been here for 30 days as of yesterday. She looks very pregnant now and has quite the waddle to her walk, but I haven’t seen movement yet. All I can say for certain is that we’ve got less than 35 days to go. My gut says 1 – 2 more weeks, but my gut is wrong with a stunning regularity. She looks very pregnant, but as Fred pointed out she hasn’t hit that huge, uncomfortable-looking point yet.

So that’s what’s going on there. (She’ll remain MargeauxNotTheMama ’til she gives birth, then I suppose she’ll be MargeauxWasn’tTheMamaButSuprise!NowSheis.)


We get a monthly box of toys from MeowBox (that is not an affiliate link and I get nothing if you follow it and sign up – I’m just sharing the love), and when I opened the box yesterday, I found to my amusement that their theme for this month was very fitting.

It’s a Paris-themed box! (Yes, I need to update our cats with MeowBox. I’m not sure how I got Khal in there, but forgot Dewey. Sorry, Dewey.)

(By the way, if you ever see what looks like a great big poop in the middle of the foster room floor, it’s this Silvervine Sausage from a previous box. The kittens love that thing.)

“We not want any cheese and wine, lady. We tryin’ to sleep.” (Amelie & Francois)

The stuffed Eiffel Tower toy is cracking me up.

And then I died. A beret. Antoine in a beret. And loving it, clearly.

The beret, sliding off Francois’s head.

Very French, Francois.

Esmee (left) and Jacques wanted none of this nonsense.

Sleepy meezers.


Frankie can usually be found inside the screened porch, but this day he decided he needed to be flopped down in the sun. He slept like this for the longest time, then I was worried he’d get a sunburn, and went out, woke him up, and brought him inside.


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  1. Ohhhhh Francois in a beret!!! Not just any beret – but a Raspberry Beret… but NOT the kind you find in a secondhand store… He wore a Raspberry Beret… Happy Friday, y’all!!!! These kittens… all so cute. And now, Margeaux!!! Whoa! She’s in the right place though!!! Frankie – gingers of all species need to be careful in the sun! Robyn, tell me the truth.. didya’ sneak a belly rub in as you went to wake him? That belly is calling me from seventy million miles away!!!!!!!

    • Welp, you’re gonna need some more French names! Toulouse, Delphine, Lucien, Fleur …

    • With Frankie, you don’t have to sneak belly rubs – he’ll happily accept them whenever, wherever. 🙂

    • He wore a raspberry beret
      The kind you find in a kitty toy box
      He wore a raspberry beret
      And in that fur he don’t need much more

      Wow, Margeaux! You’re going to have Les Chatons Part 1 and Part Deux!

      Oh Frankie, you are way too much. That belly calls to me.

  2. Margeaux! I mean, yay kittens, but man…poor girl… Well, at least the babies will be getting a great start at Hotel Shady Cove.

    Oh, Antoine and Francois in a beret…

  3. I couldn’t comment when I first read today’s post because I DIED from the beret. DIED.

    Margaux enceinte!! Mon Dieu.

    Uh oh. I’m dead from the beret again. That Antoine.

    • When I started taking things out of the box and saw that beret, I think I passed out for a moment. DEAD.

  4. Sacré bleu! This post is full of surprises and cuteness!!! Well, NottheMama should have a healthy litter since she’s been with you for a good bit of time, eating well and resting. And I thought the poor girl had pulled a scam…pardon Madame! 🙂

    The French themed Meow Box is just perfect!! I can’t wait to see even more photos with that beret! But Connie may come down and snatch it while you aren’t watching so she can do a Prince-themed litter! 😉

  5. Are you sure Margeaux isn’t just getting fat from all those lovin’ spoonfuls you offer? It’s wishful thinking, I know, but were you planning an ultrasound to verify? With your experience I’m sure you know how to tell, so pardon my naivete.

    • At this point, I’m 99.999% sure (because nothing’s ever 100%!) that she’s pregnant. Her belly is so big and round and hard that if she’s not pregnant we’ve got something weird going on (and she’s acting fine, eating and using the litter box, so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.)

  6. lol

    Robyn, I’m sorry that, as a long-time reader and first time commenter, my first ever question to you has an answer of an influx of more kittens. (Okay, well maybe I’m not THAT sorry because they are all so cute!) Thank you for answering and best wishes!

    • I have to admit, I’ve been waiting for someone to say “Is there any possibility she could be pregnant?”, so you gave me the opportunity to announce the news. 🙂

  7. Maybe Margeaux’s pregnancy is karmic retribution for all the fakers? I can just see the universe saying “Well, she wasn’t happy when she thought she had a pregnant cat and didn’t get kittens, maybe she’ll like this better….”

  8. Was I the only one when I read….’you already know that every adult male here is neutered’ and immediately thought that Fred probably didn’t want that on internet? 😉

      • oh margeaux! but she could not have landed more squarely on her feet than to be here with you and having happy good mama katriane with her babies as a role model while she’s growing her own choice selection. <3

        the beret! eeeee!

  9. OMG – a Paris box. That is hilarious….you have to send them pictures.

    As for the “wow she IS a momma cat”….just ugh. Saw that second picture and my head banged on my desk on your behalf.

    • But once you pull your head back up off the desk (and ouch!), you have to admit Margeaux’s frog pose is dang cute!!

    • I’m so torn between “UGH” and “BAYBEEEEES.” Because I love the babies, but SO MANY KITTENS already. I’m hoping for a very small number, please oh please…

  10. Antoine is such a cute little boy and the tiny beret is icing on the cake.

    I’m glad Margeaux is where she is so she can get lots of love and food and we get to see her kittens!

  11. I wonder if Margaux will also have some Meezer kittens, since maybe the babies all had the same father(s). I love your proposed new name for her. The beret picture cracks me up and I just love the one of Frankie in the sun. Yes, a sunburn on the belly would be painful, though.

    • I wondered that about possible meezer kittens, too. It’s been a very meezer-y summer so far for Forgotten Felines, there must be some meezer daddies running rampant!

  12. Seems to me, that Margaux knew something and did the paperwork to get into your guest room for preggie kittens. Oh the wiliness of the the French Kittens !
    So very clever ! (all in French accent)

  13. I’m chuckling at the “she did not get pregnant here,” like not under my roof!

  14. Robyn,

    you should probably rephrase that comment about Margeaux’s pregnancy.

    I’m sure that Fred did not appreciate your comment that “every adult male here is neutered.”

    Maybe he is, but that’s up to Fred to disclose.

    • Fred posted pictures from his vasectomy on his now-defunct blog. I think he’s okay with people knowing. 🙂

  15. Margeaux! Quelle surprise! Well, maybe you’ll get to have an Eloise yet. And it will be EXTREMELY interesting to see if she produces any Meezers.

    I snort-laughed at Frankie, but he looks somehow quite comfortable.

  16. Happy Friday. I have an IG friend who’s in a neighbourhood with a unaltered Tom cat. The cat has a home, the owner doesn’t care that it roams & defecates on neighbours property. My friend has tried everything she can think of & google to either get this cat to avoid her property or to trap the cat, nothing has worked. Do you or your followers have any suggestions? I don’t think a cat fence around the owners property is on the table.

    • Motion detect sprinkler is what immediately came to my mind! (I’ll post the question in next Friday’s post to see if there are other suggestions, but I bet the motion detect sprinkler would work!)

    • I can tell you if Lothario was wandering on my property, I would trap him, get him fixed and ear-tipped. No need to tell the neighbors.