4-13-18 Friday

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Note: I am out of town until this weekend, and wrote and scheduled today’s post before I left. There’ll be no roundup post this Sunday; I’ll roll that into next week’s roundup post. There will be kitten posts on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook!


Torvill, fighting with the edge of that blanket. I tried to get a Halloween pose out of him with the arched back and all, but she wasn’t going for it.

Katarina and Oksana adore that scratcher.

Please look closely and admire Ohno’s white tail tip.

Brian Boitano is just really not sure about this life-outside-the-crate business.

Tell me – how am I supposed to not squeeze the stuffing out of Debi?

Torvill’s got the Crazy Eyes.

“Take my paw, innernets, and I’ll pull you through!”

I just want to squash her.

“Come on out, guys! It’s fun!”

Picabo, scheming.

Oksana and Torvill, snoopervising from up on high.

I love how you can see Katia’s reflection in the plastic container outside the crate.


Maxi wishes you a happy Friday the 13th. No really, she does!


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