4-16-18 Monday

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I’m baaack! I flew out to Pennsylvania to hang out with BFF Nance and her family (and if you kept an eye on Instagram, etc, you saw pictures of her dogs and cats). I had a great and relaxing time (though I did miss the kittens, but could relax knowing that Fred was taking care of things), and flew back home yesterday morning.

You’ll have to pardon me if today’s post is a bit scattered, because I am a bit scattered; hopefully a good night’s sleep will help that.


First things first: Buzzfeed Animals used several of my videos to make the most adorable video, and if you missed it, here it is.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can see it over at Facebook. If you don’t want to go over to Facebook, I honestly don’t know what to tell you – I can’t seem to find it on the Buzzfeed web site, so you might be out of luck (if I’m wrong and it IS available on the Buzzfeed site, feel free to correct me!)


While I was gone, the kittens insisted on growing. Katia’s turned 7 weeks old yesterday, and Kristi’s are 4 weeks old today. The littlest ones are starting to use the litter box and eyeball the cat food. The bigger ones are eating cat food. They’re all running around the room constantly, and are insanely adorable.

(I find it very rude that they continued to grow while I was gone.)


Picabo, scheming.

Debi on the ess. HOW is she grown up enough to do this??

Debi’s face cracks me UP.

Honestly, that scratcher is one of the best things I’ve bought.

“Hey, guys. Did you see I gots lots of toes?”

Speaking of those toes – as it turns out, Brian Boitano has an extra thumb on the other front paw. I clearly have zero idea what I’m doing when it comes to counting toes. So to recap: I thought he had one extra thumb on his right front paw. Then I realized he had one extra toe on each of his back paws. Then I realized (with prodding from Brittany that made me take another look) that he actually also has an extra thumb on his left front paw. Ergo… doing math… that is four out of… um… yes, FOUR paws that has an extra digit. Put another way, we have four extra toes on the Brian Boitano model, evenly distributed. In my defense, I’ve never had an itty bitty kitten with extra toes before, so that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it.

“One of those tuxie girls is especially friendly,” Fred told me while I was gone.
“Is it the one with the white tail tip?” I asked, already knowing that there was no way on earth he knew the kitten’s name.
“I hadn’t noticed.”
“Is it the one with the black nose?” I further inquired.
Naturally he didn’t notice that either. But yes, I’m pretty sure he was referring to Katarina, who is a very social girl.

Ohno ponders her next move.

Oh Tessa, you sweet silly girl.

Oksana, peeking.

Dean and the ol’ chomperoo.

Scott (left) and Brian Boitano at the milk bar.


I was standing in the kitchen when I saw Newt sitting on the platform in the screened porch. So I took this picture through one glass window and one screened window, and I’m rather impressed at how it came out. (Newt, not so impressed.)


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