4-11-18 Wednesday

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Note: I am going out of town this morning – coming back this weekend – and have written and scheduled posts for tomorrow and Friday. There’ll be no roundup post this Sunday; I’ll roll that into next week’s roundup post. There will be kitten pics posted on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook while I’m gone.


Ohno’s eyes match the rug!


Brian Boitano has a serious. Oh, those orange eyelashes!

Oksana with attitude.

Pretty pretty Katia.

Scott has a concern.

Sleepy Debi.

Picabo does not appreciate being woken, IF Y’DON’T MIND.

Kristi and all 10 kittens.

I cannot stand how freakin’ ADORABLE that girl is!

Brian Boitano and his meezer sisters.

Debi’s all “It’s SO far down!”

They look SO big here, but so tiny in person.

Sleepy Ohno.

Picabo’s ears are SO dark.

Katarina and the Crazy Eyes.

Serious little Scott.


Frankie shows off his Ears of Annoyance.


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