4-23-18 Monday

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Stardust and Phoenix – look at those sweet sisters! I love that they have the same color eyes. How did I never notice that until now?

And isn’t that a cool cat tree?

(Thanks, Debra!)


Picabo and Debi (and Kristi, who’s all “Is it time to wean yet?”)

Ohno the little poser.

Torvill the little poser.

They certainly like to pose on and under that ess!

Posin’ Picabo. It’s a posing kinda day.

Scott. His sweet little face just kills me dead.

Kitten pie. (Oksana, Deanzilla (top) and Torvill.

Deanzilla gets his ::thlurrrp:: on.

Debi would like y’all to know that she found her way to the top of the little kitten tree, and it is awesome.

Have I mentioned that they really love that mouse house?

A LOT. In fact, I walked in Saturday morning to find the 4 big kittens snoozing in the middle of the room and the 6 little ones nowhere to be found. Turned out that they were all sound asleep in the mouse house. Too bad I didn’t have my phone on me! Rookie mistake.

They like sleeping on top of it, too, as you can see. It’s multi-functional!

Uh… sorry to bother you. Carry on!

“Lady, you is just weird.” (Katarina)

Katia’s kittens are now 8 weeks old (as of yesterday) and Kristi’s are 5 weeks old (as of this morning), and the cute in that room is off the chart. The older kittens are starting to get reeeeal interested in what’s on the other side of that door, so I’m going to start taking them into my room for a field trip for a few hours and see how it goes.


He’s a jerk (to the other cats) and has a hair-trigger temper and is easily stressed out (which he takes out on the other cats), but I really like that Archie an awful lot.


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