4-26-18 Thursday

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“You know what you did.”

Debi shows off her stripes.

Such an angry little face for such a sweet girl. (Oksana)

Rough life, Tessa.

Deanzilla takes a break.

The first time I took the older kittens into my room for a field trip, Torvill, Oksana and Deanzilla ended up here…

And Katarina took a snooze in this hammock/scratcher, which was just below them.

The second time (yesterday), they ended up on the big cat tree.

Torvill’s all “This is COOL!”

“What doin’, weird lady?”

Katarina’s whiskers CRACK. ME. UP. Those two sticking straight up, like antennae, and then the tangle of whiskers around her eyes and mouth. She is one fabulous girl.

Deanzilla and Ohno snuggle up.

Torvill flipped the Tiny Basket upside down and then sat atop it.

“I like it better like this, lady.” (Brian Boitano)

There might have been a feather teaser involved in the taking of this picture.


Video! Just some seriously adorable random videos that I pulled off of my phone (y’all who keep thousands of pictures and videos on your phones kill me. I clear my phone off continually. If I have more than 100 pictures/videos, it makes me nervous.)

YouTube link


Khal Drogo goes in for the sniff.


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