4-19-18 Thursday

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Torvill in the scratcher.

Katarina in the scratcher.

Ohno (and her crazy eyes) in the scratcher.

Brian Boitano and his flirty eyes in the scratcher.

That scratcher is very popular!

Scott gets himself a snuggle with Deanzilla.

The tuxie pie is fresh today – get yourself a slice!

Katarina. This girl is just so darn CHARMING. She went running out the door when I was leaving the room – and I had to catch her and put her back in three times before I could get the door shut, she was so fast. She didn’t know WHERE she was going, but she knew she wanted to get there fast!

Tessa, whispering her secrets to Brian Boitano as Scott looks on.

Brian Boitano’s all “It tickles when she whispers in my ear!”

“Did you see my extra thumb?”

Ohno knows you want to grab and kiss her, and it makes her giggle.

Debi isn’t sure why she’s eating litter, she’s just doing it. (It’s normal! They all do it at this age! It’s non-clumping litter!)


Videos! In the first, Tessa wants a hug from Brian Boitano.

YouTube link

And in the second, we’ve got Ohno being Ohno. Oh, that girl.

YouTube link


What a conveniently located scratching post Stefan has found!


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