4-19-16 Tuesday

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Chanandler Bong was playing with that Kitty Boinks toy with one back foot up in the air for reasons known only to her – and she had to pause to see what Art Vandelay was doing (he was just passing through).

Ken Adams, pausing from tussling with Princess Consuela to show his teefs.

Chanandler shows Princess Consuela HER teefs. Something about Princess Consuela brings out the teef, I guess.

Chanandler and her little whiskers, in the sun.

::maniacal laughter::

She is such a sweet girl.

Susie always looks like she’s been caught doing something sneaky.

Art Vandelay and a very smug Bert Macklin, hangin’ in the basket o’ toys.

I don’t know what brought on that expression from Art, but judging by the loony smile on Bert’s face, we probably don’t want to know, do we?

Princess Consuela loves that bed, especially when the sun is shining on it.

Same bed, different kitten – Bert Macklin, hanging out of the bed while sound asleep.


Video! Say hi to Bert Macklin, International ManKitten of Mystery. Whether he’s klutzing off the end of a shelf, bouncing wildly with a toy in his mouth, jumping at a spot on the wall, or trying to climb up onto a cat tree, he does it with unmatched style and panache.

YouTube link.


So, my parents were here for a few days – arrived Thursday, left yesterday. They drove from Maine to Florida, spent almost two weeks in Florida, and then drove home by way of Alabama. I would dearly have loved to join them in Florida, but as it turned out Fred had to travel for work last week, so I had to stay here and keep an eye on Crooked Acres.

Traveling with them was their dog Molly, who is a Shih-Tzu. They’ve been here with Molly before, at least twice. In the past, Tommy and Sugarbutt decided they weren’t skeered of Molly. This time around, the cats all pretty much disappeared the entire time she (and my parents) were here. Stefan initially decided Molly wasn’t anything to be scared of, and then changed his mind. Archie wasn’t bothered by my parents – and in fact let them both pet him – but was more than a little freaked out by Molly.

Alice spent most of her time on top of the cupboards, glaring judgmentally down at us all, so it appears that that job has been taken.

Molly, standing up and waving her front paws around.

That underbite kills me dead.

She had a GOOD time with all the cat toys.

Archie, keeping an eye on Molly.

“Why there a dawg in my house, lady?”

(I have more pictures of Molly; I’ll share them later in the week.)


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4-19-16 Tuesday — 13 Comments

  1. I seriously cannot stand how cute these kittens are! Their markings, their faces, their expressions! And that video! Oh my gosh, what a bunch of little nutters!

    Ok, I’m gonna finally ask; What is that white thing on the wall that the kittens are so interested in? I see moving the triangle scratcher away from it hasn’t lessened their need to get up close and personal with it, as per the video.

    Seriously, that video.. the two who come racing out of the closet like their tails were on fire… SQUEEE *head explosion*

  2. Ken is thinking “yuck! who farted?!” whilst the smug look on Bert’s face says “I did”.

  3. I was waiting for pictures of Molly. She’s such a cutie!! I would love it if one of the cats decided to be her buddy. Maybe the next visit? 😉

    I so love the kittens at this bouncy stage!

  4. oh Bert….we swear there is usually one kitten in every group that you look at and think “that boy ain’t right” 🙂

    Molly may be cute, but we would have disappeared too

  5. So, who are the 2 little monkey-clowns that come zooming out of the closet in the video?!

  6. Bert cracks me up. If he stays at Petsmart any length of time it will be a miracle I don’t bring him home with me. I mean I wouldn’t even have to change his name for my Disney theme. Flynn Rider, Captain Hook, and Bert could be Bert from Mary Poppins…

  7. My kittie and I loved the video also! Every time he is on the bed with me and I turn on a vid, he comes over starts watching and commenting!!! The funniest thing! Thanks Miz Robyn for such a great way to start the day