3-19-18 Monday

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Edited to add:

It has been an insane morning, y’all. Kristi pushed her first kitten out around 6:30 this morning in that crate with Katia and her kittens. Katia has been an exceptional midwife, helping to clean up the new kittens and soothe her mother. When I took this picture (though you can’t see them all), Kristi had had 5 kittens. Directly afterward, she had another one. We’re at 6: 1 buff, 2 orange, 1 gray and 1 dark (could be black, tortie or tuxie, I’m not sure yet.) The newborn appears to be buff or possibly white; only time will tell. I am hoping Kristi’s done! (Please note Oksana reclining in the middle of the pile like the Queen of Sheba.) I am mostly staying out of the room, though I snapped this pic when I went in to replenish their water bowl and scoop the litter box. Hopefully I can get in there for a good look tonight!


Look who it is!

That’s Stardust and her brother Nelson.

Debra said: She now has the run of the house. Still a few hisses, but she seems fairly relaxed. We are still supervising, and she seems happier without the other cats, but she is doing so much better! We dedicate an hour each day to “stardust time” to reassure her that she is loved.

And then a little while later…

Phoenix (front) and Stardust! Not bad progress – and it’s only been a week!

(Thanks, Debra!)


Katia’s kittens are 3 weeks old now! Their eyes are all open, they’re starting to wander around the crate. They’re getting used to being touched and picked up by the weird lady.

They easily escape the pie plate.

(They haven’t escaped the crate yet – and actually, they haven’t really seemed to notice that they COULD escape the crate yet.)

Katarina reminds me of a black and white Puff with her little mustache and her big ol’ head.

Oksana, keeping an eye on me.

Torvill, with the serious little face.

Dean wonders WHAT is going ONNNN.

Tuxie girls.

Torvill (right) and Dean (left) check out the pie plate.

Oksana has got herself a serious ‘do.

Friday night (or Saturday, I don’t actually remember at this point), Kristi went into the crate with Katia and the kittens, and mostly stayed there for the weekend.

Despite this look of despair on Katia’s face, she LOVES having her mother in that crate. There was a lot of mutual grooming.

The kittens crawled over her, around her, and slept up against her. She groomed them a lot, too.

Naturally we were very excited and “Oh! Kittens any moment!” All I can tell you is that as of 9 pm last night (when I’m writing this), there were no kittens. Unless she had kittens overnight, she will likely be headed off to the vet this morning.


Videos! In the first, the tuxie sisters have a rough life (taken at the same time I took that picture above of the two of them laying on their backs side by side.)

YouTube link

And in the second, Katia stepped out for a drink, so Granny Kristi babysat the kittens. Baths first, kids!

YouTube link


Maxi would like some petting, please.


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