3-9-18 Friday

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I know it is all about perspective, but are the kittens that big already, or is Katia tiny herself?

Both – they’re very chubby kittens (as they usually are at this age) and she’s a very small cat. The fact that she’s so small makes them look that much bigger!


so, where the cat couch and the purple chair thing is, is that wide enough for a loveseat?

It is! A loveseat or a queen-sized bed. The space measures 60″ across. I still haven’t, obviously, found a loveseat for that space.


Is she [Katia] calming down at all? I see her give you eyes of love, or at least non-hatred, can you touch her yet?

You know, she ACTS like a cat who wants to be petted, she talks back to me, she has rolled onto her side and given me the blinky-blink Eyes of Lurve, but when I slowly reached in to see if I could pet her last night, she hissed, growled, and smacked at me, and she wasn’t kidding around. Lucky for me, the sleeve to my shirt got in the way of her shredding my hand. She can be SKEERY.


So, I’ve been wondering, since Katia had those cute little muffins has she ever laid on her other side? LOL She’s always on her right side leaning against her shelter. I know, silly thought but I can’t help it, I’ve thought it every day now.

I hadn’t noticed this ’til you asked, but no – she’s never on her left side, always on her right side!


I’m sure that organized Robyn would be able to answer this question lickety split. I will of course forgive regular Robyn if she doesn’t know the answer, but here’s the question: Is there a date or week that your momma cats have typically given birth? Ya know like a frequency chart. When have others given birth?

Yesterday, Organized Robyn updated her Mama Kitties pagesee that here – to include the information regarding what day of the week (it already included the dates) our mamas have given birth on. (I also had to add Nola, Mercury, Katia and Kristi because it had been a while since I updated that page.)

So, here are the dates on which our mamas have given birth (I’ll leave off the years), arranged chronologically by month/day:

2/25/18 (Katia)
3/1/12 (Emmy)
3/19/13 (Kate)
4/1/15 (Lucy)
4/2/11 (Maggie)
4/3/17 (Nola)
4/17/08 (Kara)
5/1/13 (Khaleesi)
8/9/17 (Mercury)

Fun fact: Kristi will be our 10th mama to give birth while with us.

Fun fact #2: Apparently I favor “K” names for pregnant cats.

Births arranged by days of the week:

Sunday: 1 (Katia)
Monday: 1 (Nola)
Tuesday: 1 (Kate)
Wednesday: 3 (Khaleesi, Lucy, Mercury)
Thursday: 2 (Kara & Emmy)
Friday: 0
Saturday: 1 (Maggie)

Another fun fact: starting with Kara, every other mama has birthed 4 kittens, followed by a mama who birthed a larger number. In other words, the number of kittens birthed while with us, in order: 4, 6, 4, 5, 4, 7, 5, 6, 4.

On average, our pregnant cats wait 2 weeks and birth 4.8 kittens.


Has Kristi shown any interest in Katia’s litter (her grand-kittens, heh)?

Kristi has shown absolutely zero interest in her little grandkittens. She stuck her head into the crate the morning after they were born and hissed at them, but other than that, she completely ignores them.


I need some guidance from the Love and Hisses hive mind. I need a new vacuum cleaner! What kind works best for you? I will be replacing my Dyson (all the plastic is breaking) and I’m not very satisfied with it. I have a lot of woven rugs and a long haired cat with an undercoat that is a combination of cottonwood fluff and cotton candy. It gets EVERYWHERE and sticks like glue. One of my rugs has a white haze on it that I cannot vacuum off. Does any one have a recommendation? The fluffy kitty is new, he was dumped in the neighborhood and I finally won his trust, took him to the vet, and he moved when it got cold. He’s huge (actually, he’s not big, but he LOOKS it), orange and fluffy. Ridiculously fluffy. He has to be part Main Coon. And maybe part Yeti. I’m not sure yet. Everyone who sees him bursts into laughter. Lucky for me, he likes to be brushed with the furminator. If anyone is in Kansas and needs a skittish, but adorable, orange kitty, let me know. My other cats will be happy to crate him up and drive him to a new home.

After years of being a Dyson fan, I bought the Shark Navigator Lift-Away right after Christmas and I like it quite a lot. Of course, we don’t have any rugs or carpet in this house, so I use the hard floor attachment almost exclusively, but as I understand it, it does an awesome job on carpets too. The suction is awesome, it’s lightweight – really my only gripe is that the vacuum is so light that if I reach too far with the hardwood attachment, the vacuum tends to fall over, but that doesn’t happen often, and if I keep one hand on the vacuum handle, it doesn’t happen at all.

Okay, y’all, speak up: what vacuum cleaner do you loooove?


Warning: Talk of snakes in this section (but no pictures.)

Snakes in the kitchen-. I started an exotic pet rescue. A water snake was turned in. It had offspring. Live offspring. 38 worm sixlzwd offspring that gout through the 3mm crack between the sliding gas. Cats are overjoyed. With six cats, I was shocked that 32 survived the day. Some scared. It was like a pinata for the cats.


Seeing that video of the snake reminds me of the one time ours brought one in. We were sitting watching tv one evening and I heard Max happily playing away in the other room by himself. He was having a great time slapping and bouncing and since that was the same room the aquarium was in I got a little concerned when this continued for a while. I get up, go around the corner and there is a TEN FOOT TWO HEADED SNAKE WITH 3 FOOT FANGS about to devour my kitten – or at least that is what my adrenaline panicked brain said. In reality it was a 8 inch or so rat snake who just wanted to get away I yell to the spouse “get up! He has a snake in here!” Her oh-so-calm reply “a real one?” (No honey, he went to the store and bought a toy one with his catnip funds) Luckily there was a box nearby and I was able to cover and catch him and then do the walk of the Lady With a Snake in a Box outside to let him free.

I sure do love a good snake-in-the-house story. Especially when it’s not my house they’re in!


Forgive me if you already mentioned this but what is going to happen to Katia when her babies are grown? She seems pretty feral so are they going to neuter and release or are you going to try to domesticate her? And if you do release where would she go?

Unless we’re able to convince Katia that humans aren’t so bad, she’ll be spayed and released back with her colony.


How did Jake get the “Loony” handle? You need to write a book about all the permanent residents and their backstory. You could title it “The Other Incredible Journey (so far):From Crooked Acres to Shady Cove

Jake often gets this look on his face wherein he looks completely insane, like such:

“Loony Jake” seemed like the perfect nickname!


That BELLY. (That’s Katarina, showing off her white belly.)

Lined up at the milk bar. I can’t swear to it, but I think that’s Jayne Torvill, second from the right, air-nursing in her sleep.

Look closely, you can see the tip of Katia’s tongue.

Little flirt.

Katarina, resting atop her brother.

Another lineup at the milk bar.

Is it just me or does she look a wee bit smug at the fact that she hasn’t had those kittens yet?

She loves a good face rub.

If she has those kittens over the weekend, I will of course post about it. I mean, SURELY she isn’t going to go past this weekend?! ::sob::


Video! Kristi’s alien belly. (It looks like she’s breathing hard, but she was actually purring.)

YouTube link


Stefan leads such a rough and stressful life; pity him.


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