3-25-18 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

It’s been a lonnng time since I did a weekly roundup. I meant to get back to doing them (so that those of you not inclined to Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr can see the pictures and videos too) when I got Katia and Kristi, but time got away from me. This weekly roundup covers the last two weeks of Instagram posts, and I’ll (hopefully!) get back to doing them once a week on Sundays from here on out.

New and exciting development: she’s on her left side! This is the first time I’ve seen her on this side – until now she’s either been on her belly or right side. What does it meeeeean? (Probably nothing.)

And to top off the day, Katia left the crate while I was in the room! She was nervous and as soon as she heard Fred moving around downstairs, she went back into the crate, but this is a big step! (I didn’t move or try to touch the kittens, just sat very still while she was out.)

Seriously Kristi, gimme those kittens!

Apparently the Sheriff is taking Sunday off.

Good night, innernets.

“NONE SHALL PASS.” Today, Katia is tired of my nonsense and is very hissy and smacky. I informed her that she has hurt my feelings, but she cares not one teeny tiny bit. Hmph.

“Kittens? Meh. I don’t know, lady. I’m not feelin’ it.”


“Lady, there’s something wrong with your camera, throw it away. Those pictures you take make me look huge instead of the mere slip of a girl that I actually am.”

Oooh, that little tushie.

“Stop harassing me, lady.”

Good night, innernets.

“Kittens? Nah, not today. Tomorrow’s probably not your day, either. I’ll pencil you in for May.”

Ridiculously cute.

When your mama drops by unexpectedly.

To answer the questions y’all have:

Is Kristi getting ready to have those kittens? I don’t know! Maybe!

Will she have them in that crate even though Katia and the kittens are already in there? I don’t know! Maybe! There’s a nearly identical crate 1 foot away from this one as well as several other options throughout the room, so if she gives birth in this crate it’s ‘cause that’s where she wants to give birth.

How are the kittens reacting to Kristi/ Kristi reacting to the kittens? Kristi’s been in the crate several times (probably more) through the last week, so they all know each other. The kittens crawl on her, she’s been grooming them, they’ve sniffed at her belly but not tried to nurse (that I’ve seen). Will they co-mother/will the kittens nurse on the cat who isn’t their mother? I don’t know! Maybe! (I expect yes.) Aren’t you worried about Kristi giving birth to kittens in a crate where Katia is hissy about letting the humans reach in? Not really – I was just in there and Katia was hanging out in the back of the crate, Kristi was in the front with one of Katia’s kittens next to her. I scooped that kitten up, kissed him all over, and put him back in the crate before anyone knew what had happened because I am a wily kitten-kissing ninja.

Will there be new kittens tonight? I don’t know! Maybe! I’m hoping so, but if she’s in pre-labor I sure can’t tell.

Isn’t it past your bedtime? It certainly is. Good night, innernets. (I will check on Kristi regularly through the night and will let y’all know when there’s something to know, promise!)

Good morning and Kristi did not have her kittens overnight. I would characterize her mood overnight as “restless.” She went in and out of Katia’s crate, as well as the crate next to it, paced around the room, snoozed occasionally, etc.

YouTube link
The week in Love & Hisses kittens for March 11 – 17, 2018.


I think Oksana needs a nap. And yes, you see eyes. Their eyes opened earlier this week. They’re not entirely sure how to use those eyes, but they’ll figure it out.

“Cozy. It’s COZY.”

Katarina sittin’ on Granny’s foot. As you do.

Did I mention “cozy?”

“Hi Granny! You didn’t have no kittens last night?” “That’s right, kid. I’m just never gonna have them. It’s driving the humans crazy.”

It has been an insane morning, y’all. Kristi pushed her first kitten out around 6:30 this morning in that crate with Katia and her kittens. Katia has been an exceptional midwife, helping to clean up the new kittens and soothe her mother. When I took this picture (though you can’t see them all), Kristi had had 5 kittens. Directly afterward, she had another one. We’re at 6: 1 buff, 2 orange, 1 gray and 1 dark (could be black, tortie or tuxie, I’m not sure yet.) The newborn appears to be buff or possibly white; only time will tell. I am hoping Kristi’s done! (Please note Oksana reclining in the middle of the pile like the Queen of Sheba.) I am mostly staying out of the room, though I snapped this pic when I went in to replenish their water bowl and scoop the litter box. Hopefully I can get in there for a good look tonight!

Kitten mosh pit.

Everyone is doing great this morning! All kittens are present and accounted for, if not necessarily visible. Kristi and Katia are taking great care of them.

Hugs! (She’s kind of blending in to her mother’s side, but if you look closely you’ll see Oksana with her leg around her little uncle/aunt.)

Happy Toesday!

“Really, lady? Like you’ve never seen kittens before?”

To answer the question: yep. These kittens are nursing on both mothers. Kristi’s gray kitten is nursing from Katia in this picture. One of Katia’s kittens was nursing from Kristi earlier. As long as they get enough to eat (and they are), we’re all happy!

It’s too early for this waking-up nonsense.

That is one comfy Dean.

“Ooh, milk bar!”

Climb into a pile of tiny kittens and go back to sleep; you know you wanna. (Katarina)

I’m sensing a lot of attitude from the left side of the crate. (Torvill, Katia & Kristi)

Snuggle buddies.

Have I mentioned that Dean is just the comfiest?

Babysitting doesn’t mean sitting on the babies, Torvill.

Good night, innernets.

Little handful.

Mother-son attitude. (Katia & Torvill)

Katia’s wondering how she got herself in this situation.

I would say that the big kittens really like the little ones, and vice versa. Here’s Katarina surrounded by all 6 of the little ones. She’s 4 weeks old tomorrow, they’re 5 days old.

Good night, innernets. Torvill says “This one is MINE.”

YouTube link
The week in Love & Hisses kittens: March 18 – 24, 2018.


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