3-29-18 Thursday

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Oh, my heart.

“I sees you, lady, and not impressed.”

Pileup. That little gray one really likes those tuxie girls.

Katarina and little ornj, back to back.

Such a grumpy little floofmuffin first thing in the morning.

That BELLY. Clearly the big kittens aren’t emptying out the milk bar.

The whole family.

Teeny tongue.

All the kittens. Apparently the big kittens are babysitting while the mamas are off having fun (or sleeping.)

And then Katarina and Dean went looking for Katia…

…and found her! Katia’s all “I need a better hiding place.”

I wondered yesterday whether Katia’s kittens would migrate toward the other crate with her or return to “home base,” and it turns out that home base is where it’s at. All the big kittens occasionally wandered over to Katia’s crate and bellied up to the milk bar, but then eventually returned to the main crate. There were several times overnight where both mothers and all the kittens were in the crate. One of these days that thing is going to pop open and kittens will go flying everywhere.

Also, someone peed a kitten-sized pee in one of the little litter boxes. I don’t know for sure who it was, but I suspect Dean.


Jake loves him some Khal Drogo, for sure. Possibly because Khal will lick him on the head and head-butt him, and most of the other cats are easily irritated by Jake. Jake just wants looove from his brothers and sisters.

Such serious faces.


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