3-21-18 Wednesday

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Look at these girls!

Debra said: For the last several nights, Stardust has curled up beside me to sleep at night, with Phoenix moving around a bit. BUT the good news is that I think she is pretty much back to normal. She does seem to have a tendency to hiss if she is startled by a sudden appearance of one of the other cats, though. I hope that will go away with time. She is playing and carrying around toys, playing with teasers, and chasing Phoenix and Amber around. And she squeaks! (what a cute voice!) And she purrs a lot! I am soooo happy!

I am so happy, too! (Thanks, Debra!)


The mamas were off taking a break, so I got to reach in and touch those kittens all I wanted. And I wanted!

To answer the question everyone is asking: yes, they’ll nurse on the mother who isn’t theirs. Here you’ll see Dean bellied up to Kristi, between two of her kittens.

Katarina, hanging out in the back of the crate with with an orange kitten.

“Granny, this lady is weird.”
“She certainly is, Torvill. She certainly is.”

Dean has discovered that there’s a world beyond the crate. I haven’t seen him trying to escape… YET.

Hanging out, doing the Mom thing.

One of Kristi’s kittens bellied up to the milk bar next to Dean. The size difference really is amazing.

“Watching you, lady.”

I think it takes 2 ornj + 1 gray + 1 tuxie = 1 Torvill.

Pretty Torvill.

Pretty ornj.

Dean is a comfy bed.

Sleepy Oksana.

Have I mentioned that Katia adores her mother?

Kittens are doing well, mamas are doing well. I’m in negotiations with Fred to have a live feed camera (either via the Nest camera or via Facebook Live) in the room (pointing into the crate) for at least part of the day. He’s resistant, but I may be able to wear him down!


Jake, posing for me?!


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