3-22-18 Thursday

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Big paw, little gray kitten.

Katia’s right outside the crate (you can see her to the right), keeping an eye on things and ready to go back in if help is needed.

Torvill and his buddy.

LOOK at all those happy little kittens.

Streeeetch. If you look very closely at the little orange kitten there between Kristi’s arms, you can see that he has an extra thumb on one paw. When I realized that, I immediately went in to see if we had any other polydactyls, but that’s the only one. And only on one paw.

Foot sniffer.

That look on Dean’s face is killing me dead. He’s like “They’re so LITTLE, but they’re EVERYWHERE!”


Dean and his little buddy (one of them. All the little ones seem to gravitate to the big kittens.)

Talk about covered in kittens!

Pile o’ cute.

More cute.


Katarina’s all “This one is MINE.”

Kitten as Scarf.


Videos! The first one is actually a video I posted to Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook Tuesday night. Dean decided his little uncle-aunts needed cleaning while they were climbing all over him, so he took care of it. It just about killed me dead.

YouTube link

In the second, you can see that Kristi’s kittens have hit their hissing stage. TERRIFYING.

YouTube link



YouTube link


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