3-1-18 Thursday

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Back at the beginning of February, I downloaded the 1 Second Everyday app and started using it. I thought y’all might like to see the result, which is 99% cats. I suspect you are HUGELY shocked about that!

YouTube link


I was very pleased to walk into the room and see that the kittens were in a pile instead of bellied-up to Katia. I considered sneaking a hand in there to touch them, but she was keeping a pretty close eye on me, so I behaved.

Lined up at the milk bar.

Snuggled up to Mama’s behind.

The side eye I’m getting from her cracks me UP.

They certainly do blend in, don’t they?

Lined up again.


“Lady, if we are to be friends, you better STOP trying to get pictures of my belly!”

So no kittens from Kristi yet. Obviously. Maybe this weekend. Who knows?


Video! Katia’s kittens, wiggling around at the milk bar.

YouTube link


Drug Den
(starring the Shady Cove Gang)

Khal Drogo, enjoying the sweet, sweet catnip.

“Dude,” says Frankie. “Stop bogarting the ‘nip!”
“YEAHS!” adds Stefan.
Shockingly, Sheriff Mama doesn’t seem to see what’s going on RIGHT in front of her.

“DUDE, come ON, hurry it UP!” says Frankie.
“No catnip problem here that I can see,” declares Sheriff Mama.

Deputy Jake arrives on the scene to determine what is going ON.

Deputy Jake, having determined that nothing is going on – “Nope! No catnip here!”, makes a pass at the Sheriff.

The Sheriff hands out the Whappy Paw.

Then stomps off, shaking her head at the audacity of that deputy. Said deputy is now checking out the ‘nip situation.

“::psst!:: Pass me a few leaves, wouldya?”

But Khal just lays there, high off the ‘nip, and dreams of his future ‘nip empire. His ‘nip-pire, if you will.


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