3-28-18 Wednesday

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You got to see his mama and his big-headed brother on Monday. Now get a gander of how another little Dragon looks these days.

I told you before this is his favorite toy – came home in the bag you made! he still adores/fetches/chases/hides/luvs his Mousie!

Here’s the follow up photo to Mousie on the paw. He was zonked out when I placed Mousie on his paw. This is a second later when he is all “WHATCHA DOIN MA? MOUSIE!”

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who THAT is, but for the newer readers, that is Norbie (aka Norbert), the very lucky little orphan who was taken in by Khaleesi and grew up side by side with her kittens.

(Thanks, Kirsten!)


Dean cracks me up. He’s so big that when he goes running into the crate, trampling over all the other kittens (AND the mamas), I’ve been calling him Deanzilla.

OH, this girl (Katarina).

This is my highly advanced setup for live streaming. It’s an old iPhone on one of those flexible tripods sitting on a brick atop another brick, pointing into the crate. I have to stay in the room for the live streaming because I’m worried that one of the older kittens will knock the setup over. (Not the bricks – the kittens are not quite heavy enough to knock them over – but the phone/tripod.) The moment before I snapped this picture, Katarina was biting on the leg of the tripod closest to her.

Also, they’re (mostly Katarina) climbing up there. I need to figure out a better setup.

A rare shot of Kristi with just her kittens (and Katarina, Oksana and Torvill outside the crate.)

Katarina’s all “Let meee innnnnn!”

Two little ornjs.

And again, side by side. I call ’em Stripey (left) and Swirly.

Side by side meezers.

Katia has been hanging out in the room more often while I’m present. As long as I don’t try to touch her or look at her too long or think about her too much, she’s fine with me. Otherwise, she runs and hides and gives me baleful looks.

So the older kittens have been coming out of the crate more and more often, checking out the room. Yesterday morning, I moved the crate to the spot where the love seat (should I ever get one) will go. I also put down some washable pee pads and small litter boxes on top of them in two different locations, not far from the crate.

Katia has, for the last week or so, been hanging out in the second crate (which was located about a foot away from the other crate) when she’s not tending to kittens. After I moved stuff around in the room yesterday, Katarina and Dean “discovered” Katia’s lair, and so they went in there to belly up to the milk bar, while Torvill and Oksana stayed in the crate with the little ones. I’ll be interested to see how this pans out – will all the big kittens move over into Katia’s crate, or will Torvill and Oksana stay with the little ones?

I’ve put each of the big kittens into the litter boxes, whereupon they looked insulted and immediately climbed out. I expect it won’t be long before they’re climbing in on their own. I’ve seen a couple of them checking out the food, though they haven’t eaten any (that I can tell.) Kristi’s little ones have eyes opening all over the place and are steadily gaining weight, so we’re doing great!


Video! Hissy little meezer. So RUDE.

YouTube link.


I think we haven’t discussed how pretty Frankie is. Isn’t he GORGEOUS?


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