5-11-23 Thursday

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Nick’s got a toy mouse! (Obviously Nick is partial to toy mice.)

Myrtle and Zelda are ready for their nap.

This Keep Up Creations toy doubles as a hat (at least briefly).

Zelda’s trying to decide… curl up in the ToastyCat bed for a nap, or race around like her butt is on fire? Decisions, decisions.

All four kittens in one picture! (Zelda, Nick and Myrtle on the little blue tree, Jay in the hammock scratcher.)

Just when I think the kittens have lost interest in the Fruitasan, I find someone hanging out in it. (Nick is all “What? Is comfy!”)

Daisy keeps an eye on Myrtle.

Uh oh. Myrtle’s ears mean BUSINESS. Jay knows something’s about to happen, he’s just not quite sure what.

And down he goes!

Zelda keeps an eye on me.


Wren always looks so very worried.

A quick snuggle with Rufous helps, though.

Wren likes to cuddle up with the little girls (Starling and Plover.) So does Rufous, but he also likes to curl up alone for a little while.

The bottle babies are continuing to do well! Rufous is still being tube fed, but gaining nicely. I’ve offered him some canned food a few times, and he’s interested (and will eat what I put in his mouth), but he’s still a bit young to understand the concept of eating solid food, so I haven’t gotten very far with it.

At 4+ weeks, I’d expect Wren to be interested in using the litter box – and I put her in the litter box regularly, so she’s aware of it – but it’s not clicking yet. I’m sure being a preemie (even though she’s now the size of a regular 4 week old) has something to do with that. Maybe she and Rufous will figure out the whole eating and litter box thing together.


Alice does not approve of this “kittens in the kitchen” business.

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When the feather teaser comes out, Jay’s always all “HERE I AM! HERE I AM!”

Rufous the tiny lion has a tiny “rawr.” (Picture courtesy of Fred, who likes to take Rufous into the back yard to get a little sun.)

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Almost 4 minutes of Wren bottle feeding – from about 10 days old to 4 weeks old. That girl has been an excellent eater from the very beginning – and those ears wiggle so hard I think she’s going to take flight!

Daisy is having a LOT of fun with that green bean toy (I love that she’s trying to bunny kick it.)⁠

Daisy is officially available for adoption. Read her description below, and EMAIL Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org if she seems like your kinda sweetheart.

Daisy (DOB 1/31/2020) is a black and white polydactyl (extra toes on all 4 paws!) tuxie who was living as part of a colony in Huntsville for at least two years before her feeders brought her to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville. She was scheduled for her spay surgery, but it was determined that she was pregnant, so she went into foster. She had four kittens on March 18th, and has since been a wonderful mother to them. She’s ready to find her own home now, where she can be the baby.⁠

Daisy is a super sweet, friendly girl who will always greet you at the door. She loves to be petted, and really loves to snooze while pressed up against you. (She has not proven to be a lap cat yet, but once her mothering duties are over, she very well might turn out to be one.) Now that her kittens are older, she has finally started to show her playful side. She is VERY fond of catnip toys, likes to bunny-kick stuffed toys, and really likes lightweight toys (like ping pong balls and toy mice) that she can bat around. When she’s not playing, she likes to curl up in a patch of sunlight near a window, and watch the birds flit around. She has been spayed, microchipped, and is up to date on her vaccinations.⁠

Please EMAIL Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire. We are located near Huntsville, Alabama. Out of area adoptions ARE allowed, but adopters MUST come here to complete the adoption.

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The kittens were WILD this morning – this video is longer than it needs to be, I’m sure, but they were so funny with their racing laps around the room that I couldn’t stop recording them!

Daisy’s all “Lady. We need to discuss how annoying you are.”

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Bath time for the human, courtesy of Jay.

Good night innernets. (From left: Plover, Starling, Wren & Rufous)


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