5-18-23 Thursday

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Princess Zelda atop her castle.

And under her ham-mick with Myrtle.

Nick and Jay have a snuggle.

Jay shows off his mouthful of teeth.

Myrtle under the ham-mick, just chillin’.

On the other side of those holes was Daisy, who was hanging out in the box. Myrtle might have been sticking her paw through the holes to grab at Daisy’s tail. Then again, maybe she wasn’t. She’d never!

Jay shows off his toebeans.


Rufous is such a good little poser.

Plover seems to be in a constant state of milk-drunkery.

Starling says “Pay no attention to that formula on my lip. I am starvin’, give me my bottle!”

Wren is such a cute little cutie.

I continue to be thrilled about Rufous and his rediscovered love for the bottle.

A lap full o’ cuties.

The new setup for the Nestlings. They spend most of their time in the crate still, but all come out and play and explore (and sniff the toys and the food and water).

Those panels are a Tespo Pet Playpen, which I’ve had for a while but this is the first time I’ve actually used it. They snap together easily, but need to be reinformed with zip ties (which I haven’t done because I was in a hurry to get it put together.) Rumor has it that kittens can generally get over the panels by 6 weeks or so. I’ll have to figure out where they’ll go after that (probably my office.) I kind of like having them in the dining room (and they need to be near the kitchen anyway, since that makes feeding them easier for me), but there are no doors on the dining room and thus there’s no way to contain them if they can get over the sides of the panels. (I could turn the panels to make them taller, but then that reduces the amount of space they have, and I don’t like that idea.)

In any case, this is where they are for now!


I took this picture of Charlie and Khal from my bedroom window. They looove hanging out on the warm concrete.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Breakfast for the girlies! (Zelda, Daisy & Myrtle) The boys aren’t as interested in the canned food as the girls are – they’ll wander along eventually and have a few bites, but they were too busy playing.

Rufous is having a post-breakfast nap.

YouTube link
Mama relented and opened the milk bar for a little while.

(Notes: (1) Yes, they are eating solid food on their own. They will continue to nurse whenever Mama allows it. That is how kittens are; they don’t know that sometimes strangers on the internet disapprove vehemently about things that don’t impact their lives in any way, and feel compelled to leave comments expressing their vehement disapproval. (2) She has already been spayed. They are all fosters for a rescue (Forgotten Felines of Huntsville). Her kittens will all be spayed/neutered before they are adopted.)

Myrtle pie? Yes, please! (My favorite!)

YouTube link
3 1/2 minutes of Rufous and Wren (but mostly Rufous) being ADORABLE.

So much attitude in one picture. (Jay’s elbow is cracking me UP.)

Good night, innernets. (Plover, who is milk-drunk.)


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