5-17-23 Wednesday

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I couldn’t find Zelda, and then she came sliding out from under the bed. She loves to curl up under there and nap. Because why curl up ON the bed, where it’s comfy?

Daisy’s loving this box. (It’s the Pusheen Cat Kit box – and there are always neat things in the box, but the box itself is always the most popular item, of course.) It’s just the right size for her!

Someone recently asked when the Catsbys were going to meet Mister Frog, which reminded me that Mister Frog was on the couch, under some blankets I hadn’t put away. So I put the blankets away and introduced the kittens to Mister Frog, and Jay immediately bit him in the eyeball. (Mister Frog didn’t mind. He’s got a high pain tolerance.)

We’ve got a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on here with Nick.

Jay and Myrtle were peeking at each other through the tunnel, but of course stopped when I went to take their picture.

Then Jay went sliiiding through the tunnel to show Myrtle just who the boss is.

You will not be surprised to hear that Jay isn’t the boss. Myrtle soundly kicked his butt.

Myrtle and Zelda try to figure me out.

I think I mentioned that I’ve put the cat tree back upright and moved it so that it’s in front of the window. They love it, of course.


Wren in my lap, bein’ a cutie.

Also Rufous, doin’ the same.

Little posers.

Wren shows off her belly.

And unhinges her jaw to put the bite on Rufous.

A lap full o’ cute.

This is how feeding time goes during the daytime hours. I get their bottles ready, then take them out of the playpen one by one (Starling is always last because she takes SO LONG to eat. Usually Wren and Rufous are the first two to be fed.) When they’ve had their first crack at the bottle, I potty them. Wren is the only one using the litter box at this point, BUT Rufous did squat down NEXT to the litter box yesterday, so he’s getting closer. Better there than in the crate, right? After they get pottied, I offer them the bottle again, then once they’ve made it clear they’re done, I put them on a blanket on the floor and go on to feed the next kitten. By the time I get to Starling, the other three are either hanging out on the blanket or more likely toddling around the kitchen. Wren has been going farther and farther afield, but always returns to the kitchen.

Once everyone’s been fed and pottied, I sit on the floor with a fresh bottle, put a blanket on my lap, and everyone piles in. Then I offer the bottle to everyone, one by one. Almost all of them take some more of the bottle, then they roll around in my lap and wrassle with each other. Eventually they fall asleep – or mostly asleep – and then I put them back in their crate/ play pen area.

And this is why daytime feedings take me about an hour – but I love it now that I don’t have to worry about whether they’re getting enough to eat (they are DEFINITELY getting enough to eat!)


Newt’s wondering if I have any chicken for him. (I did not. That’s Fred’s job.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Good morning innernets! Someone sent us a cardboard castle, and we don’t know who! Was it you? Please email me at mizrobyn (at) gmail.com so I can thank you properly. Otherwise, just admire Princess Myrtle peeking out from her chambers.

Getting some teenage attitude from Zelda, here.

YouTube link
Listen to Myrtle purrrr. (I cranked up the sound, hopefully you can hear it!)

Line ’em up! The Crate Catsbys, from left: Jay, Nick, Zelda and Myrtle.

YouTube link
We have some kitten mosh pits, and me waking kittens to eat. (I’m still playing catch-up with sharing videos. I reference tube-feeding Rufous, but he hasn’t had to be tube fed since Friday morning! He’s a bottle baby now, thank you.)

It’s Toesday, and as such please admire Rufous’s little pink beans.

Good night innernets. (Plover, who discovered my slippers and found them to be the perfect bed.)


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