5-17-21 Monday

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Snuggling with Whist.

Bed full o’ kittens.

Bed full o’ attitude.

That’s right, Canasta. You’re outta here this morning!

Have a rest.

Don’t worry, kids. She’s not taking the ham-mick with her.

Fizzbin’s all “She can’t take this thing, the suspension’s shot. She won’t make it to the corner!”

Last little while in the onesie, sweet girl.

Family portrait.


Sneaking up on Dewey while he’s sleeping. Yes, I am so rude!


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5-17-21 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. Oh, Canasta! We’ll miss you, but I know you’ll have a good life with your people!

  2. Was that Canasta taking one last look at the babykins as she walks out the door? Tell us that she is going to a fabulous home?

  3. Two things, first of all I am sad today–Canasta’s leaving–I will miss her terribly, her sweet, goofy face and extraordinary eyes! Happy life Sweetheart! Second, I laughed out loud at the screen shot of Slapjack indicating SMILE on Sunday’s post. Something about those little teeth and his expression made me happy!

  4. Bye bye Canasta!!! Thank you for being such a good Mama to your babies.

    The photo of Dewey reminds me of my Atticus when he used to sleep with his eyes partially open and creep me out.