5-17-22 Tuesday

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Mondo in the sun. His eyes match the floor!

Four… (Mondo was in the litter box.)

And five!

Mimosa is quite fond of that cardboard box.

I love how Hollyhock’s eyes match her orange fur.

Looks like we’ve got a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on with Clover.

Bramble has gotten lonnnng all of a sudden.

Kudzu from above in mid-thlurrrp.

I meant to mention this in yesterday’s blog post but got distracted (story of my life!), but we had visitors on Saturday, and they will be adopting Kudzu and Mondo together. With the Hollyhock and Bramble adoption (together) also pending, this leaves Clover as the last kitten available. But fret not: he’s got someone coming to meet him today, so he might be adoption pending by the end of the day too! It would be awesome to have the whole family spoken for with another two weeks until their spay/neuter surgeries on June 1st. (Mimosa, of course, could go home at any time since she’s been spayed; I’m not sure when that’ll happen, hopefully soon.)


An old picture of Dewey, so y’all don’t forget what a pretty boy he is. Even though he’s giving me the stink eye in this picture.


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Kudzu and Mondo know somethin’ you don’t know!⁠

We had visitors on Saturday, and Kudzu and Mondo are now adoption pending! They will go home in a couple of weeks after they’ve been neutered!⁠

Yes, this leaves Clover as the last available kitten (Mimosa is adoption pending as well) – but there have already been a few inquiries about him, so I don’t expect him to be available for much longer.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Clover, Mondo, Hollyhock, Bramble and Kudzu.

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Tossing toys for kittens again. These kittens have got the moves (and Mondo got a little too excited!)

Mimosa’s all “Hey lady, you got Churu?”

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Kudzu misplaced his previous favorite toy and has found a new favorite. He knows he can have more than one favorite! He needs to learn to keep an eye on his toys, though…

It’s a sweet Clover in the sun. Look at those whiskers!

Good night innernets. (Kudzu)


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5-17-22 Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. Their amber eyes are stunning. I hope they stay that way. I remember Newt used to have those striking amber eyes, and I notice his have changed over the years to green.

  2. Hi Robyn, I know that sweet “Newtles” is 16 years old. I, too, have a 16 year old cat who has good and not so good days as far as energy is concerned. Does Newt have any senior age issues? With all your experience, do you have any suggestions to keep senior cats healthy and active? Thanks for all you do, you are so appreciated and loved!

  3. Hoorah for all the pending adoptions of these adorable kitties! Way to go, MizRobyn!

    • P.S. I came across an older post about Dewey, and saw he has an overbite. Our new kitten Checkers has one too, and yes, it is off the chain cute. When you scratch his head, he looks up and his lips and all his fangs *show out*. He is a big ol’ tabby boy and super playful.

  4. Thanks to Robyn’s photos of kittens with Churu, my 11 year old Russian Blue (Mama Mischief) now has a Churu habit. She sends her love.