5-19-23 Friday

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I’ve always referred to those stick-straight kitten tails (usually sticking straight up) as their little “exclamation points” 🙂


I always hear an electric “Bzzzt!” when I see them!

Ha! I love both of these and find them to be very accurate!


Since Rufous is allowed outside, is he a new permie in the making?

He’s not really allowed outside – Fred took him out briefly a couple of times to get a good picture of him (since the lighting in the kitchen is so awful). And, no. 🙂


Ha, I hadn’t equated this Zelda with ‘The Legend of’ until you dubbed her Princess. Also, does she have a black and white foot with different colored toe beans? At any rate, she’s a cutie.

The vast majority of people who don’t know where her name came from think she’s named after that Zelda! She does have a black and white foot with different colored toe beans. I’ve tried SO HARD to take closeup pictures of her feet, but she does NOT like having her toes handled and it’s hard to get a shot of the actual beans since there’s so much floof. But I’ll keep at it. Surely one of these days I’ll get lucky!


Have the Nestlings met any Perm Residents? I know they’ve probably seen and definitely smelled them, living in the kitchen as they do. But met as in close proximity??

They have met Newt and Charlie – in fact, Newt came into the kitchen yesterday during feeding time, and Rufous stomped right on over to him. They sniffed noses, and then Newt hissed and put his paw on Rufous’s head. (I’m pretty sure he was saying “I’ve got enough friends, thank you.”) Charlie will occasionally sniff a kitten head and keep moving (they’re still a little too small for him to be interested.) Alice cares not for the kittens, though she’ll occasionally walk by their playpen and look at them (look at their food, more likely).

Khal DOES NOT LIKE those little kittens. When I first got them, they were particularly screamy (very hungry and scared) and while I was feeding them Khal came to the doorway of the kitchen and squeaked at me, VERY obviously telling me to shut those kittens up. If Rufous or Wren gets anywhere near him, he runs away hissing.

Dewey goes nowhere near them, and would probably slap any of them who got too close. He cares not for kittens.


Rufus’ muzzle is spotted?? or what?? At first I thought it was ringworm, but I know that you would have attended to that.

It doesn’t look or act like ringworm to me (and it’s improving now that he’s able to eat without getting formula all OVER his face), so I think it’s fur loss from when he was so crusty when he was wee. (Wee-er.)


Looks like both Jay and Myrtle mean BUSINESS. (In the next instant Nick went running by, and they were distracted from their intended tussle.)

Daisy has a think.

Little bit of attitude from Zelda? Yep.

Nick in the basket with a toy I’d just tossed in there. He loves it when I toss toys in the basket.

He likes it when I toss toys at all, actually.

Myrtle in the sun.

Myrtle and Zelda really like those springs.

There might be a feather teaser up there that’s caught Jay’s attention.


Plover is just a little DOLL. I could squoosh her.

Okay, okay. Rufous is pretty darn sweet, too.

Wren is a sassy little muffin (sweet, too.)

It looks like Starling is getting a kiss on the cheek from Plover, but I think we all know Plover was going for the ol’ chomperoo.

Starling (who is also very sweet) + bottle = True Love.

Wren needed a moment to catch her breath after she’d had her first turn at the bottle.

Bath time for Rufous.

Wren’s lookin’ for someone to bite.


We put this table (and the body pillow on top of it) in this corner of the room just briefly, and Khal discovered it in about 10 seconds and declared it his own. Guess that table lives there forever, now. (Not really. We moved it soon after, to a spot that didn’t meet Khal’s approval.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Jay in a rare still moment.

Post-bottle Rufous. He is so pleased with himself!

YouTube link
The Catsbys were wild this morning! (The Catsbys are wild EVERY morning.)

It’s #Thlurrrpsday, so please admire Zelda’s thlurrrping form. A++!

YouTube link
Wren goes exploring. So many places to go! So many things to do! (But she always returns to me… eventually.)

Wren’s all “Hi innernets!” From left: Wren, Starling, Plover & Rufous.

YouTube link
Nick gets sassy with Mama. I love how Daisy looks at him at the beginning like “Child, have you LOST your MIND?”

Good night innernets. See? All four Catsbys can fit in the cubby if they really, really want to!


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