5-19-18 I and Love and You and #chewyinfluencer

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For our Chewy Influencer product review this month, I chose to review the I and Love and You variety pack (it was provided free in exchange for an honest review.)

Since the variety pack consists of three different flavors, I thought I’d try a different flavor each morning and see how it went.

The first flavor I tried was the Purrkey Turkey pate. As I was opening cans, Stefan came wandering in, and I offered him a dollop on a plate.

He gave it the ol’ thlurrrperoo, and declared it good.

What did the fosters think?

Kristi and five of the kittens bellied right up to the plate.

Katia could smell the food and came down from her spot to join in on the eating, too.

The verdict? Well, a better person would have gotten a picture of the licked-clean plate, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The next morning I decided we should give the Savory Salmon flavor a try. As I was opening cans..

Stefan (on the right) showed up again and his frenemy Archie followed behind, so I gave each of them a dollop of food. They ate it and declared it good.

And the fosters?

Well, Kristi ate a little, and a few of the kittens did as well, but overall…


Kristi wandered away and the kittens kept eating, but when they were done the plate was still about half full.

The third morning, it was time to give the Wholly Cow Beef pate a try.

This is about the time I realized what a dumb move I had made, giving Stefan and then Stefan and Archie food. Because they came back, and by the time I was done opening cans and offering plates of food, fully half the permanent resident population was present. And I am incapable of giving one or two cats food and not everyone; that would be unfair.

Jake, Stefan, Archie, Khal (behind Archie) and Newt (wandering in from the doorway.) They all ate it what I gave them, and declared it tasty.

What about the fosters?

They found it yummy, thank you.

“That was good! ::thlurrrp::” said Scott.

Kristy wondered if there was more.

When they were done, the plate was licked so clean you couldn’t tell there’d ever been cat food on it.

So overall, the permanent residents ate (and enjoyed) all three flavors. The fosters liked the turkey, tolerated the salmon, and LOVED the beef. That’s a pretty good result, I think.

The I and Love and You variety pack is $15.49 for a case of 12 cans at Chewy.com.

The food was provided to us free of charge, and the opinion was the cats’ as interpreted by me. Thank you to Chewy and I and Love and You for letting us give it a try!


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5-19-18 I and Love and You and #chewyinfluencer — 3 Comments

  1. Is it all pate? My cat will only eat pate but does not do well with fishy flavors (weird I know). I will have to look it up. Thanks for the info.

  2. The price is comparable to Fancy Feast, which is what I feed my cats. Any idea if this food is supposed to be better than Fancy Feast?

    Edit: I was mistaken about the price. It’s actually twice the price of Fancy Feast. I looked it up and it looks like a very good food, but the price is prohibitive for me.