5-19-22 Thursday

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“Lady, this is where the Churu goes.”

Your wish is my command, Mimosa.

Bramble’s all “Is there Churu happening over here?”

Kudzu says “MAMA. Don’t Bogart the Churu!”

Mondo and Clover partake of the Churu.

While waiting for his next slurp, Kudzu has a thlurrrp.

He always looks like he’s having a religious experience when he’s Churu-ing.

And yes, Churu is one of the ways I get these monkeys to line up for a picture!

“Did someone say Churu?!” (Mondo)


Newt’s all “What YOU want, lady? Can’t a man take a nap without being harassed by the likes of you?”


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

The Sprouts are 11 weeks old today and this is what they look like now – less like kittens, more like small adults (their ears have gotten HUGE in the last week, especially Bramble.) You can see their weight progression chart here.

Line ’em up! They were all staring at the feather teaser, which was off to the side. Left to right: Clover, Mondo, Kudzu, Hollyhock, and Bramble.

YouTube link
BOOPing a very sleepy Clover, and Mondo (who came to see what was going on.)

Bramble has ridiculously huge ears (the better to ignore me with!)

YouTube link
Purr, purr, purrrrr. Wherein I get all the kittens to purr for me. (And I’m sure mama Mimosa would have purred too, but she was in the other room.)

Good night innernets. (Hollyhock, on the Fancy Sofa.)


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5-19-22 Thursday — 3 Comments

  1. Oh the purrs! 😀 All of a sudden, you’ve got motorboat purrers all over the upstairs. <3

    I'm curious. I know I suspected Bramble would turn into this litter's biggest lovebug (speaking only of the kittens here, as we already know Mimosa is a lovebug), but was I right?

  2. Ok everyone, what is Churu? Must be great, looks like the kitties are hooked on it. Can you tell I did not grow up with cats and am a recently convert to having a cat, as opposed to a dog? Love dogs, but we now live in a second floor condo and don’t enough room for a dog. So, I’m going to get an older cat, may have to sneak him/her in though. Pets only allowed on the first floor, even an emotional therapy pet!!! LOVE todays pictures and captions, Robyn. How often do you foster? I can only imagine how hard it is, but you are amazing. Unfortunately, there will always be a need for foster moms/dads. How will I know if/when you’ll be fostering again? Thanks again for a your hard work, fantastic sense of humor. So, again what is Churu? Lol

    • They cannot legally deny you an emotional support animal if you have a letter from your doctor. Even places that have “No pet” policies have to accept ESA or service animals. There’s a federal website that states this but I cannot recall it; deals with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

      Churu is a brand of cat treat. Some cats love it; some don’t. It comes in a tube like container that you squeeze out slowly to give to them.