5-26-23 Friday

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Fun fact: the “legendary” video game princess was *herself* named after Mrs. Fitzgerald.

That IS a fun fact – I had no idea! Thanks for the info.


Plover is adorable! Can I nickname her ‘Tater’?

I am pretty sure she thinks that’s her name, that’s what we call her (and in fact sometimes I have to struggle for a few moments to remember what her “official” name is!)


That ‘Tossing Toys’ video was one of the best ever. They have so much fun! Does Daisy ever join in the fun WITH the kittens or just by herself? Also, I know someone sent you the cardboard castle, but who makes it? Would you be able to tell me that as I think it would be a great addition at my house. Thank you for all you do for the kitties and the joy your kitties bring to all us humans who are watching!

She mostly plays by herself, but occasionally she’ll chase a kitten across the room (I’m not entirely sure whether that’s “playing” or “telling the kids to leave her alone”, but it looks like play!)

The castle is the Navaris Cat Castle, and here’s a link for reference. The kittens are really having a lot of fun in and on (and around) the castle. It’s been a big hit! (And did I mention that it is really solid?)


Now I’m wondering about how motherless kittens figure out how to clean themselves, since I don’t think Robyn (or Fred!) is licking them to show them how…..


LOL – Robyn has already mentioned that *she* does not assist in the natural way of cat-cleaning. But seriously folks, I was surprised by this too – I guess kitties are guided more by instinct than I thought!

I clean kittens with baby wipes and damp cloths, the way Mother Nature intended, so the cleaning of themselves is totally instinct kicking in. They don’t figure it out all at once, but start with cleaning their paws and their faces, and then move to their back legs and feet before they get the hang of cleaning EVERYWHERE. Petting them (especially when they’ve eaten and are full) kick-starts their self-cleaning cycle, and brushing them with a brush or a toothbrush does, too – I assume it’s because it feels similar to their mother licking them. (I don’t brush Rufous with a toothbrush lately, but I did when he was tiny, after he ate, and he LOVED it.)


Zelda’s keeping an eye on me.

Nick would like Mister Frog to move over, but he’s a little nervous to ask.

Four little cuties.

The whole family. (Jay’s all “Bring the feather teaser CLOSER, lady.”) From left: Jay, Myrtle (back), Nick (front), Zelda and Daisy.

Zelda with attitude.

Jay and Nick have a nap.


Wren’s all “Whatchoo lookin’ at, lady?”

I leaned over to take a picture of the Nestlings and startled Wren, who hissed at me. (Looks like she’s laughing, though.) From top: Wren, Plover, Starling, Rufous.

I interrupted Plover and Rufous, mid-tussle.

If I’m doing my math right, Rufous has gone from needing to be tube-fed to eating solid food (with a bottle supplement) in two short weeks.

Wren found the bottle supply. (She is FINALLY eating a little solid food – kibble – on her own. I just have to convince her that canned food is awesome. Right now she sniffs it and then “covers” it.)

Wren’s all “I wasn’t bunny-kicking Plover in the butt. I’d NEVER.”

Starling’s concerned about the lack of a bottle in her mouth and wonders how we can remedy this issue.

Rufous is all “How YOU doin’?”

Plover is just SO. STINKIN’. CUTE.


Newt knows I’ve got kittens in here, and he’s not coming anywhere near them.


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It’s Thlurrrpsday, so please admire Myrtle’s form. That curl! A++ work, Myrtle.

Look at these beautiful girls! Left is former foster Phoenix (2017) and right is Amber (formerly Ambercup, 2015. Fun fact: she was a bottle baby!) Aren’t they the most gorgeous posers? ⁠

(Thanks, Debra!)

YouTube link
Wren answered the question twice, which means she’s da BAYbee. Hey, I don’t make the rules (though I do suspect this litter might have more than one BAYbee.)

Listen, you’ve all been very nice pretending not to notice, but it has to be said: Plover is potato shaped. (She’s been dewormed, it’s just her natural shape.) It’s okay, potato-shaped kittens deserve love too. (We have been calling her “Tater” and in fact Fred calls both Plover and Starling “the potatoes”, but that’s obviously ridiculous since Starling looks nothing like a potato.)

YouTube link
Plover and Starling (who are 4 1/2 weeks old) have been venturing farther and farther from my lap.

It’s a Jay pie (my favorite) with a thlurrrp on the side!

Good night innernets. (Rufous & Wren)


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