2-10-23 Friday

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REMINDER: The Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction starts TOMORROW at 9 am Central Time, and runs through next Saturday (February 18th) at 7 pm Central Time. There’s lots of cool stuff, so go follow the Facebook page and get your biddin’ fingers ready!


Robyn where did you get that heart shaped mirror? It is wonderful. Is it hung with mirror peg things or stuck on with adhesive or what?

I got it from Amazon. The one that I got – this one – is no longer available, but this one is comparable. The mirror I bought has an adhesive on the back, but I actually use Command strips to hang it on the wall so that I can take it down easily, if need be. (My concern with the adhesive back is that it might pull the paint off the wall when I take the mirror down.)


I’ve noticed none of your permanent residents have collars with name info and rabies tags even though they go outside. Guess that means they’re probably microchipped right?

Yes, they’re all microchipped, and they can only go out into the back yard (during the day), which has a cat fence around it, so they can’t leave the yard.


I’d love to know what happened to Squeak and Barnaby Mouse from 2016?

Barnaby Mouse passed away unexpectedly in August of 2016, and Squeek was adopted out along with another Forgotten Felines kitty in September of that year.


Nacho in the sun.

Francesca in a pile o’ beds.

Linzer and Cinnaspin, just chillin’.

Nacho’s playing with what Cinnaspin considers “MINE,” and Cinnaspin wants me to make it stop.

Nacho and Francesca are waiting for customers.

Francesca and Cinnaspin on the bed.

Along comes Linzer!

All 4 kittens on the bed for one brief instant.

Nacho and Frannie on the cat tree, Linzer on top of the organizer next to my desk looking displeased.

Breakfast together! Nacho and Frannie on one plate, Cinnaspin and Linzer on the other.


Lincoln says “I’m doing just fine back here by the toilet, lady. You go away, now.”

Lilly with attitude.

Now that Cinnaspin & Linzer, and Francesca & Nacho are getting along pretty well (there’s only hissing if someone surprises someone else, or gets too much up in their face), I’m going to give it another day or two, and then move Cinnaspin and Linzer into the foster room with the big girls. Then I’m going to move Lilly and Lincoln into my office. They’ll like to have more room to roam (and a cat tree, and a window to look out of)(the bathroom has a window, but they can’t get up to it, and there’s not really room in there for a cat tree), but also of importance is that Fred and I will have room to get on the floor and hang out with them without having to squoosh ourselves into the corner to grab them from behind the toilet.

Cinnaspin and Linzer probably won’t like losing access to my office, but they’ll adapt – they always do!


Honorary permanent residents Trixie and Rocco (who belong to the neighbors and spend a large amount of time on our front porch) hanging out atop Trixie’s tower. (Which is located in front of the laundry room window. Fred took this picture.)


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Linzer (left) and Cinnaspin ponder their next move.

Lincoln in the heated bed. More importantly: NOT behind the toilet! (Where’s Lilly, you ask? Behind the toilet, of course.)

YouTube link
Fight! Fight! Cinnaspin and Linzer are having a lot of fun kicking each others’ butts.

Cinnaspin is very often either bunny-kicking Mister Frog, or snuggled up with him. It’s too cute.⁠

YouTube link
This is from a few days ago – the first day the Cookies and Nacho really spent any time around each other. They were very hissy and growly that first day (they’ve calmed down a lot), but I wanted to document the drama of the first day. (Francesca was hanging out elsewhere.)

It’s a Nacho pie! (My favorite – and bonus points for the #Thlurrrrpsday thlurrrp.)

Good night innernets. (Nacho, left, and Francesca)


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