2-20-23 Monday

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In case you missed it over the weekend, Nacho and Frannie went home on Saturday!

They are now residents of Maryland, and are joining a wonderful family that includes former foster Reggie (formerly known as Luc), from 2019. You may occasionally see them pop up on Instagram in the Keeping Tabbies account!

They are settling in well – Becky reported that during the plane ride as long as the girls could see each other, they were fine. If they couldn’t see each other, they’d complain. Talk about a bonded pair!

So I drove them up to Nashville International Airport Saturday to complete the adoption. I had done a few test drives with them in the crate in the back seat, and they handled it well – as long as they were together, they were (mostly) quiet though Frannie did nominate herself to be the official spokeskitten in charge of lodging formal complaints from time to time. (They didn’t want to listen to 90s alternative music, they didn’t care for country music, but the most recent Mark Maron podcast had them silent and rapt. Either they know he’s a cat guy, or they really like Tim Blake Nelson’s voice). To get them into the terminal, I carried Francesca in a backpack carrier, and Nacho in a lightweight carrier that I carried over my shoulder, and since they couldn’t see each other they howled their way into the airport. (Becky and Anita said they could hear us before they saw us.) They handled the whole “being in an airport” thing far better than I expected, and they did well on the flight.

Now all of Los Gatos Hermanos have been adopted! How awesome is that?


The rest of the pictures I took of Frannie and Nacho are in today’s post. They’re such a photogenic pair!

When Frannie and Nacho headed to Petsmart at the beginning of January, I thought chances were good that they might be adopted from there. Before they went to Petsmart, I got a picture of them with their little suitcase. This picture is from late December. (Yes, I do indeed plan ahead.)

And this is from last week. I’d say they grew a little bit in that time.

Francesca on the big cat tree.

Nacho having a snooze in the sun.

Frannie hanging out in the sun.

Nacho gettin’ comfy.

Frannie checking out the taco truck one last time.

Nacho striking a pose.

Francesca atop the scratcher.

Nacho did a last load of laundry. So helpful!

Francesca (an outtake from a picture I took for the auction page.)

Trying out their harnesses. They handled the harnesses pretty well, too!

I’m not sure Francesca even realized she was wearing her harness at this point. It certainly didn’t slow her down.

Nacho wasn’t crazy about her harness, but she settled in and took a nap after a few minutes.

You can’t really see her that well, but Francesca “discovered” the Sleepypod last week, which made Cinnaspin and Linzer say “Hey, maybe WE want to hang out in there too!”

I’m not sure Cinnaspin knew that Francesca was actually touching Mister Frog or she might’ve had something to say.

A last nap with Linzer, Nacho and Cinnaspin.

Sleepy Frannie.

Nacho, gettin’ organized.

And one last shot of them on the big cat tree.

I shared this picture on the auction page, but wanted to share it here too. I was tickled pink to get a shot with both Linzer and Cinnaspin keeping an eye on the time.


Uncle Jake has a peaceful nap.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Francesca (having just scratched her chin) wonders where all the dust in the air came from. It’s a mystery!

I bought a protector for my keyboard, and y’know? Seems to be working! No one has tromped across my keyboard since I got it, and why would I need to see what I’m doing? Linzer approves.

Nacho’s tail is approximately 7 miles long.

YouTube link
Francesca is just a big ol’ flirt, is what she is.

Lilly wasn’t sure whether to keep her eye on me, or on her brother, who was in the hammock above her head, chasing his tail.

Good night innernets. (Linzer (left) and Cinnaspin)

YouTube link
Linzer’s getting flirty with Francesca, and Francesca is being AWFULLY tolerant of having her tail and feet grabbed.

Nacho’s all “Pretty sure it’s time for the Churu, lady.”

Hooray, hooray, Frannie and Nacho were adopted and went home today!! They’re now residents of Maryland, and are joining a wonderful family that includes former foster Luc (he’s now Reggie)! Their names will remain Frannie and Nacho. Happy lives, sweet girls! ❤️❤️❤️

Good night innernets. (Lincoln, who looks more annoyed than sleepy)

Linzer is helping Uncle Jake clean his plate, because she’s a giver.

To answer the recent questions: Lilly and Lincoln aren’t really warming up to us. They’re happy to play with the feather teaser when Fred brings it in, and they’re happy to eat Churu (though they’d rather have it off a plate than from the tube that I hold out to them), but they’d really rather not have anything to do with us. They can be handled, though they don’t like it, and they can be petted (ditto.)

Our plan, at this point, is to keep working with them. After Cinnaspin and Linzer go home later this week, we’re going to split Lincoln and Lilly into separate rooms and see how they do. Often, splitting up feral (or semi-feral) kittens will change their attitude, I think because they aren’t feeding off each others’ fears. We’ve had success with it in the past, and think it might help here.

(This won’t be a permanent situation. They’ll be reunited after a few days, once we’re able to see if it helps or not. )

Cinnaspin gets her blep on.

Good night innernets. (Linzer)


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