2-17-23 Friday

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I hope this not too soon to ask, but did your vet (or anyone) ever address why a supposed healthy cat would pass away unexpectedly while sleeping? Have you experienced this in the past with other fosters? So sorry for the loss of sweet Archie.

The vet said it was likely due to heart disease. We could have opted for a necropsy, but I didn’t think it was warranted since it wasn’t something that could be passed to another cat in residence.


Is it just a coincidence that your current fosters happen to share a name with two characters from “The Loud House” on Nickelodeon?

That’s probably where the names came from – Michelle sent me a list of male/female names after I told her I could only think of Donny and Marie (and didn’t want to use those), and I chose the names I liked the most.


Francesca is looking very stern this morning.

And very lonnnnng.

Nacho on the stairs, keeping an eye on everything.

And Nacho making herself comfy.

They certainly love to hang out on the stairs, these girls.

Cinnaspin in the sun, havin’ a think.

And heeere’s Linzer!

Linzer and Cinnaspin at nap time. Linzer loves to twist herself into the most uncomfortable-looking positions.

Please note that: (1) all 4 kittens are present and accounted for (that’s Francesca’s feet and tail in the lower right corner), and (2) Nacho fell asleep with her paw on Linzer.

Linzer woke up and had a big yawn. (Or, alternately, “HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME!”)

“If I wasn’t so sleepy, I’d hiss at you.”


Lincoln is a fan of the Churu, in case you wondered.


has to be lured…

But she can’t resist.


Newt sure does love that scratcher bowl.


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Cinnaspin’s possessive little paw just cracks me up. “This my Mister Frog, Nacho. You no touch.”

Lincoln’s all “Yo, lady. You got Churu over there?”

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Just a chill morning in the foster room with my girlies.

DIY weighted blanket. (From the back: Cinnaspin, Linzer, Nacho & Francesca)

YouTube link
Tossing toys for kittens. Cinnaspin and Linzer are getting the hang of it!

(Permanent resident) The Magnificent Khal appreciates my gift of a box, but asks that I stop Francesca from hovering around hoping he’ll pay attention to her.

Good night innernets. (Linzer)


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