2-9-23 Thursday

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Linzer in the sun with her green bean.

And Cinnaspin in the sun, next to her Mister Frog.

Francesca and Nacho in the foster room, keeping an eye on things.

Uncle Charlie came to see what was going on.

When he left, Francesca was all “WHO WAS THAT?!”

A thing I’ve noticed about Uncle Charlie: no matter how much a kitten hisses or growls at him, he never hisses back unless they get RIGHT UP in his face and hiss repeatedly. He is such a good uncle.

Nacho offers the Belly of Friendship to Linzer.

Nacho was on the back of the couch and Cinnaspin jumped up and said “Hmmm…”


The introduction of the big girls to the little girls is going well. Tuesday, there was still a LOT of hissing and growling, especially between Linzer and Nacho. I don’t know what happened overnight Tuesday, but yesterday I didn’t hear Nacho growl at ALL unless one of the little girls (usually Linzer) was right up in her face growling. It’s like the light went on over her head – “These little kittens aren’t going to hurt me” – and she decided to stop reacting.

I’d love to see them all curled up together for a nap. It might not happen – but I can hope!


Lincoln, having escaped my lap, looks at me from afar (or as afar as he can get in a pretty small bathroom.)

Lilly gives me the skeptical eyes from anear.

Lilly (left) and Lincoln, keeping an eye on me.

Just a side note: these kittens have been in my lap, but they are FOR SURE not doing that on their own. A couple of times a day I pull them out (one at a time) from beside the toilet and put them in my lap and pet them for a few minutes. They don’t love it, but they don’t shake in terror the way they did when we first got them, so that’s progress. Other progress: if I walk into the bathroom and go to the spot where they can’t see me, they’ll peek out to see what I’m doing (like “What’s that weird lady doing now?”) – and their ears are forward and curious, which is nice to see. Lastly, I walked into the bathroom yesterday afternoon to grab something, and rather than race for his safe space behind the toilet, Lincoln just stayed where he was, in the heated bed (which is about 3 feet from the toilet) and watched me. Probably if I’d reached down for him he would have run, but I’ll take the progress I can get.


Jake and Charlie have a cuddle.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Linzer’s just going to sit here next to my mouse pad and smack at my hand if I encroach on her space. This is not the office assistant I was looking for… but is probably the office assistant I NEED. She’ll keep me on track!⁠

I swear to you that these two do NOT spend all their time curled up looking miserable. They come out and play! Just not when I’m in the room (not yet.) Lilly (front) is turning out to be a big fan of Churu; Lincoln (in the background), not so much. They’re ever so slowly warming up, not that you can tell from this picture.

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Nacho and Francesca are TAKING BACK THE TACO TRUCK. Get yer fish tacos!

Nacho is getting lonnnnnnng.

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Cinnaspin and Linzer have the BEST purrs, especially at nap time.

Linzer and Cinnaspin are keeping an eye on me. (Nacho and Francesca have not yet ventured down the stairs – well, Nacho came about halfway down, but Frannie’s not interested just yet.)

Good night innernets. (Nacho & Francesca)


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