2-23-23 Thursday

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Linzer and Cinnaspin have a deep and abiding love for the Churu, in case you wondered.

I love how this picture shows off Cinnaspin’s lovely colors and swirls.

Linzer can’t believe they ate that whole tube of Churu so fast. Cinnaspin suggests I open a second one.

Linzer gets her thlurrrp on. She is such a gorgeous girl.

Cinnaspin has the most amazing eyes.



Also big fans of Churu: Lilly (left) and Lincoln.

Lilly’s polite and waits her turn. Lincoln… is not and does not.

DEFINITELY big fans.

Those pictures were taken before yesterday. Yesterday, Lincoln and Lilly were spayed and neutered. (I didn’t think to mention it ahead of time.) They’re obviously not ready to be adopted yet – we still need to work with them and convince them that people are okay – but if anyone is interested in a couple of scaredy cats who (I am certain) will come around when given enough time, drop an email to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.

We haven’t separated them yet, but will probably do that beginning this weekend. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but they can both be handled – they don’t fight, scratch, or growl. And Lilly will purr if you rub her ears. So we’ve definitely made progress – just not as much progress as my impatient self would like!


Someone left a big ol’ pile of Floomp on the recliner! (That’s Khal the Magnificent, who loves to sleep on that chair and leave a trillion pounds of fur behind.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Linzer can’t believe Nacho and Francesca didn’t leave the fish taco truck well stocked. The NERVE.

Cinnaspin’s all “Keep it down in there!” (That’s the door to my office where Lincoln and Lilly are for now. Given that they like to play like wild things in the wee hours of the night and that that’s my bed right there, you can imagine how well I’ve been sleeping lately.)

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I thought Cinnaspin might want to be friends with Lincoln and Lilly. I thought wrong.

I tossed that fish taco toy, and both Lincoln (left) and Lilly looked at me like “Yeah? It’s a fish taco? Big whoop.”

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Cinnaspin finds new horizons to conquer.

Linzer shows off her balancing skills. (There was a bug on the other side of the window.)

Good night innernets. (Cinnaspin, who doesn’t appear to be the slightest bit sleepy.)


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