2-16-23 Thursday

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I don’t remember what (or who) had Nacho’s attention, but it must’ve been something good.

Francesca has a snooze.

Cinnaspin, feelin’ good.

Linzer said “Hey, move over. There’s plenty of room in here for both of us!”

Cinnaspin stomped off, and Linzer said “Where’d she go?”

She went to hang out in the box o’ toys while Francesca snoopervised.

Francesca on the landing, keeping an eye on things.

Cinnaspin has some quality time with Mister Frog.


I like seeing Lincoln (top) and Lilly on the cat tree – I don’t know how thrilled they were to see me, though.


Charlie wants someone to open this window and let him in. No matter that there are two cat doors from the screened porch into the house – he wants to come in on THIS end of the house.


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Linzer considers the jump, while Nacho watches the wheels turn. (Linzer ultimately opted NOT to make the jump.)

Lilly’s keeping an eye on me, ’cause someone’s gotta.

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Napping with kittens: I recommend. (Come join us, Nacho!)

Line ’em up! Left to right: Linzer, Cinnaspin, Nacho & Francesca.

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Napping with kittens, part 2. A continuation of the video I posted earlier – from 3 kittens to 4! Now that’s a well-rounded nap.

Just two girls (Nacho, left, and Cinnaspin) hanging out, with no hissing or growling. Mister Frog must be a calming presence.

Good night innernets. (Cinnaspin and Francesca, playing footsie.)


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