2-27-23 Monday

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In case you missed it, Cinnaspin and Linzer were adopted and have gone home (along with their BFF Mister Frog)!

They are residents of Colorado – well, Arizona and Colorado (their new family is a couple who retired young and winter in Arizona. The girls are going to be travelers!) AND they are on Facebook right here.

Their new mom, Cindy, flew into Atlanta on Wednesday, drove here (and back to Atlanta) on Thursday, and then flew to Arizona from Atlanta on Friday. I did offer to meet her halfway between here and Atlanta, but she didn’t mind the drive. I did put harnesses on the girls and do a few drives with them in their carrier. Once I tried the right kind of harness on Cinna, they both adapted to their harnesses just fine, and they handled being in the carrier, in the car, just fine, too. Cindy reported that they did great on the plane, and I am so happy to see how well they’re settling in already. (I expected Cinnaspin to be the total lovebug she is, and Linzer to do things in her own time, and looks like that’s how it’s going.)

Once again – follow them on Facebook here! (I swear to you, at some point I am going to put links to all the former fosters’ pages on Instagram and Facebook in one place. It’s on my list! I’ll get to it… one of these days!)

The last of the pictures I took of the girls are below. Such a photogenic pair.

“Holy cow, I’m beautiful!” says Linzer.

Rough life, Cinna.

Linzer, getting sleepy.

Linzer sleeping atop the cat tree, while Cinna keeps an eye on those birds.

Cinna is such a pretty, pretty girl.

Linzer looks ready for mischief.

Linzer’s reading the wall (Cinnaspin’s face beneath her is cracking me up. I think she was batting at Linny’s tail.)

Cinna with attitude.

Sleepy Linny.

Cinnaspin has such BEAUTIFUL eyes.

Linzer’s folded-back ear just cracks me up.

Cinnaspin, chillin’.

Linzer in her harness (with a folded-back ear again. I swear, I did not fold that ear back!)

And Linzer and Cinnaspin in their harnesses.

You’ll note that they’re wearing different kinds of harnesses. I initially put the same kind of harness – the mesh type that Linzer is wearing – on both of them. It took Linzer about 10 minutes to adapt to wearing hers, but Cinnaspin was still staggering around and trying to back out of hers after 15 minutes, so I tried the other kind on her and she was fine. (I would have put the kind that Cinnaspin is wearing on Linzer too, but I only had the one of that kind.) The one Linzer is wearing came from Amazon, and the one Cinnaspin is wearing came from Petco. (If you buy and try the mesh harness Linzer is wearing, I recommend you zip tie or sew down the rings on the back – the rings meant for a leash attachment to go through – because they move and make sound, and freak out the kittens. I used a zip tie to tie back Linzer’s rings, and sewed down the rings on the back of Nacho and Francesca’s harnesses.)


Lincoln is such a pretty boy.

And I think he knows it.

Lilly is such a pretty girl.

“You’re darn right I am!”

Friday afternoon, we split up Lincoln and Lilly. We kept Lincoln in my office, and moved Lilly downstairs to the big bathroom. (We could have put one of them in the foster room, but decided that starting with a smaller space made more sense, especially if we needed to get hold of one of them.) I expected there might be some howling or crying, but they were very quiet. At some point Saturday, we swapped them. By Saturday evening, Fred was getting Lilly to come to him (especially if he lured her with a toy), and she would flop onto her side for belly rubs. Lincoln is proving to be a harder nut to crack, but Fred got him to purr a couple of times (Lilly’s been purring for us for about a week, but we hadn’t heard Lincoln purr at all, so this is definitely a step forward.) We did put them together for about an hour yesterday just so they could see each other and play a little, but once they settled down we split them up again.


Charlie’s feelin’ smug.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) over the weekend.

YouTube link
Cinnaspin and Linzer tussling in the sun. I could watch these two tussle all day long, they’re so cute.

YouTube link
Linzer has an awesome purrrrr.

Hooray, hooray, Cinnaspin & Linzer (and Mister Frog) were adopted and are headed home right now. They are going to be residents of Colorado!! They are the only kitties (and frog) in their new home, where they will be spoiled rotten. They will keep their names, and their Facebook page is right here. Happy life, sweet girls! ❤️❤️❤️

Good night innernets. (Lincoln)

YouTube link
Hanging out with Lincoln and Lilly (this is from a couple of days ago.)

We split up Lilly (pictured) and Lincoln Friday afternoon, and this picture is from yesterday afternoon. In case it’s hard to tell what’s going on in the glare of Fred’s lily-white legs, that’s Lilly rolling around and getting a belly rub from Fred.

Lilly is handling the (temporary) split from Lincoln very well. She’s still skittish, but she purrs as soon as she sees me (or Fred), will let us pet her, and has been super playful. Lincoln is taking his time coming around, but Fred did get him to purr a couple of times yesterday for the first time, so it’s really only a matter of time.

Lincoln is currently in the big bathroom downstairs, and Lilly is in my office – we thought it made more sense to keep them in smaller areas (as opposed to the foster room) to make it easier to get hold of them if we need to.

I am very pleased at how it’s going so far!

Lilly appreciates my offering of one Friskies Party Mix treat.

Good night innernets. (Lincoln)


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