2-10-21 Wednesday

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Apparently they’re both keeping an eye on that belly, just in case.

Can you get enough of that belly?

And those beans?

I swear you can just sit and watch her get wider.

We had packing-and-shipping day for the auction yesterday, so Teresa and Karen got to see just what a goofy, playful girl Canasta is. Y’all might think she looks kind of miserable and uncomfortable, but nothing is slowing that girl down. She’s going to be one of those playful, active mamas who makes the rest of us look bad, just wait and see.


Look at THIS.

Baby Charlie in August, at about 2 months old.

And big Charlie a couple of days ago, at 8 months old, in the same exact pie plate. Awww.


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2-10-21 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. I think Canasta is waiting until Valentine’s day to give us a bunch of little sweethearts.

  2. That first photo is cracking me up!

    Charlie: “Whoa! Did your belly just move?!”
    Canasta: “What? It did??”