12-4-18 Tuesday

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Someone asked recently (or more likely, months ago – okay, I had to go look, the comment was left on October 16th) to see what the bag o’ toys I send home with the kittens looks like. The bags generally differ depending on the kitten, what their favorite toys are, and what I happen to have on hand. This is what was in the bag I sent home with Cruise on Sunday:

Hopefully she’ll share her toys with her new big (kitty) brother!


Cam has a think.

Tank needs a snuggle.

They love to flip that basket over and hang out on top of it. I think it looks like a pedestal in a museum, with Fender as the work of art.

Work of art Pulley.

“What?” Oh, that Solenoid.

Fender is such a lapkitten. Every time I sit down, he climbs into my lap and purrrrrs.

Pretty little Dynamo.

Axle’s hoggin’ all the toys.

LoJack appears to be a pretty comfy seat.

The last shot I got of all 11 kittens, the day Cruise and Gauge went home.


Dewey’s all “Tryin’ to SLEEP here, lady.”


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