12-28-18 Friday

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Back in 2014, we had a litter of semi-feral kittens we called The Classic Rockers.

Left to right: Jethro Tull, Thunderclap Newman, and Molly Hatchet.

Here are Jethro Tull and Thunderclap Newman (TC) now!

Bonnie says: Time certainly has flown since Jethro Tull and TC literally flew into our lives and hearts four years ago—December 28, 2014. The two tiny failed-to-be-feral Bama Boys have grown into the sweetest 20 lb. furrbabies ever.

They remain strongly bonded to each other while also loving their fellow furrbabies. I have to admit when the two of them start to rumble, the house begins to shake! Jethro, Tuxedo Royale, loves a good belly rub and will raise his paws so very nicely for a manicure. TC, our most beautiful House Panther, has the loudest purr, and just gently but adamantly refuses a manicure.

We can’t image our home without these precious babies and are so thankful to Robyn and Fred for teaching our Bama Boys that life with humans isn’t half bad. 😻

Thank you so much, Bonnie! (And I cannot believe it’s been 4 years!!)


In case you missed it yesterday…

That’s right, Fender went home yesterday! He’s actually the reason I opted to keep all the kittens an extra day, because I didn’t want him to be lonely. He’d had an adoption pending on him since last Friday and didn’t attend the adoption event at Petsmart with all his siblings.

It’s been a banner week, to say the least, and I hope that it continues with Pulley, Cam, Clutch, and Ryder who are now at Jones Valley Petsmart here in Huntsville, Alabama. Those kittens were NOT sure what was going on on the ride to Petsmart yesterday morning, weren’t crazy about going into the cage, but when I went back by a few hours later, they were curled up sound asleep. None of them were hiding in the litter box, thankfully (I hate it when they do that). (And no, I don’t expect that Ryder will want anything to do with them. She was pretty much over them by the time she left here and went to Steve’s, and I don’t expect her to change her tune.)

I will, of course, let y’all know when there are more adoptions.

For now, we are taking a break from fostering. Fred’s been begging for a break since we had the Mainer kittens over the summer, and now he’s getting his Christmas wish.

(As for me, I’ve been using the kittens as an excuse not to do much more than the bare minimum of house cleaning, and now I have NO excuse. Wahhh!)

I have pictures of the kittens to share in today’s post and in at least one more post, possibly two. Next Tuesday’s post will be the usual miles-long yearly recap post, then we’ll go to posts about the permanent residents and perhaps I’ll get around to sharing some of the Shady Cove pictures I’ve taken over the past year.


I got a chance to stop by the post office yesterday (the last time I was there was last Friday), and there were 34 cards waiting for me! I managed to get them all scanned in last night, and you can see them over at Flickr here, or scroll through them below. Y’all send some really awesome cards!

2018 Holiday Cards Received


Pulley, Archie and Jake, watching Da Bird.

Fender needed some coffee.

Fender watching Uncle Newt.

Pulley seeing what all the fuss about Uncle Khal is.

Pulley under the recliner, while the uncles look around for her. (Yes, we know about cats and recliners and are careful.)

Clutch watching Uncle Jake. (The TAIL.)

Fender and the feather.

Fender’s all “See, Unca Khal? That’s a FEATHER, right there.”

Along came Pulley.

“Unca Khal, you’re purrrty.”

A shot of the four before they left us.

And another (actually from Christmas Day. If you’re on Facebook, this is the picture I photoshopped Santa hats onto.)


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