12-5-18 Wednesday

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Oh, that Clutch has got the SWEETEST little face. (Lucky for me he likes being kissed, too!)

Fender loves that tub.

“You again, lady?” Oh, LoJack. You KNOW you love me!

I think this is the last picture I have of Gauge. It sounds like he’s having a wonderful time in his new home – a pretty Christmas tree to hang out underneath, tuxie brother to play with, and kids to snuggle!

One of the last pictures of Cruise, who looks like she was giving Tank what-for. “How DARE you!”

Sweet snuggly sleepy Cruise.

Clutch is keeping an eye on you, innernets.

As is Dynamo.

Fender has a tiny complaint, and Pulley is concerned.

Axle always looks so AMUSED.

In case you’ve ever wondered what Pulley’s belly looks like, there you go.

Tank and LoJack are off to be neutered this morning. I anticipate no issues, and expect that by tonight they’ll be racing around like their tails are on fire.


Having that screened porch added to the back of the house remains one of the better ideas we’ve had. The cats LOVE hanging out out there, even when it’s cold outside, as illustrated by Frankie.


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