12-3-18 Monday

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In case you missed it last night, this happened…

Cruise and Gauge were both adopted and went home last night! They went to separate (wonderful!) homes, and each will have a one year old cat to play with.

2 down, 10 (including Ryder) to go!

None of the other kittens are spoken for yet, so if you’re interested in one or two or ten, email info (at) ffhsv.org to discuss adoption procedures.


Gauge hanging out in the tub. As you do.

Oh, that girl is so darn PRETTY, isn’t she? (Cruise)

Cruise atop the scratcher.

Solenoid’s ready to be Da BAYbee whenever you’d like.

Cam with attitude.

Pulley’s a LAYDEE.

Clutch, Dynamo and Fender in the tub. They love a good sun bath.

Fender’s such a sweet boy.

Tank, Cam and Fender in the tub. Which is the best place to be on a sunny day.

LoJack on the window ledge, keeping an eye on things.

Tank and Dynamo. Doesn’t she have the most amazing eyes?


Video! Fun with kittens and ping pong balls. The first part didn’t go quite as I’d expected!

YouTube link


Archie watchin’ birds.


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