12-18-18 Tuesday

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Regarding holiday cards: I’ve received a bunch (thank you!) and have started scanning them. You can look for yours in this album at Flickr, or scroll through them below. (I picked up a bunch at the post office yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to scan them yet. I will in the next day or two, though!)

2018 Holiday Cards Received


Clutch in the tub. That boy loves to hang out in the tub.

LoJack’s all “GIMME that camera, I needs to take a selfie!”

Fender looks a little surprised to see me.

“Lady, you gots a lot of shower products,” says Clutch judgmentally.

I love this shot of LoJack snoozing in the sun.

Cam at the tail end of a yawn.

Solenoid watchin’ birds.

Axle, watchin’ me.

I feel like I’ve interrupted a very important discussion between Pulley and Dynamo.

Axle gettin’ flirty.

I wish these kittens – especially Axle – could figure out how to relax.

Snuggle pile.


Jake needed a snuggle and Khal is having an existential crisis.


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