12-11-18 Tuesday

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Regarding the holiday cards: anyone who has submitted their names and addresses as of noon yesterday, your cards are on the way. The rest of you – you’ve got ’til the 20th to get your act together. Whatcha waiting for?

Also, some of you got cards signed with “The Shady Cove Gang” and some of you got cards signed with “The Crooked Acres Gang.” I signed cards at Crooked Acres for 10+ years, so when I’m signing cards, my brain (and fingers) tend to default to “Crooked Acres Gang” if I’m not paying 100% attention. Just FYI!


Oh, that Tank. Such a little flirt!

I found a picture of Cruise! This must be the last one I took of her. Look at those amazing whiskers!

Snuggly ornj boys. That’s Axle on the left, Clutch in the middle, and Fender standing over them checking out their snuggling techniques.

Tank and LoJack ready to nap – with LoJack in mid-flop.

You can tell this sweet picture of Pulley wasn’t taken recently, because there’s sun. We haven’t seen the sun in at least 1,000 years.

LoJack’s wondering what this bright light could be.

Axle’s all “Just wanna go take a nap, lady. That’s all I want.”

“What doin’, weird lady?” Dynamo wants to know.

Here we have Solenoid telling us that she’s Da BAYbee, and Pulley appears to have heard allll about it.


Jake’s lookin’ pretty loonified, isn’t he?


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