12-19-18 Wednesday

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In case you missed it last night:

That’s right, our boy LoJack went to his wonderful new home last night! He was very curious about exploring, and initial introductions to his big kitty sister went well, with no hissing and a lot of curiosity from her.

Happy life, sweet boy!


You’ll be seeing LoJack’s face in posts through the end of the week, I would imagine – I took a ton of pictures yesterday because it was so nice and sunny and bright.

Nap time for LoJack.

This picture, however, was not from yesterday – it was from when Tank/Ron was still with us. I was trying very hard to get a picture of all 9 of them, and they were just waking up and feelin’ grumpy.

Those grumpy, annoyed little faces crack me up.

Dynamo is 100% over my nonsense.

“Lady, why you wake us up?”

“Going back to sleep now, night night.”

LoJack from above.

This picture is so cool.



“WAHHHHH!” (Solenoid)

“No I’M da BAYbee!” (LoJack)

“No, ME!” (Fender)

“No, meeeee…” (Axle)


Newt, enjoying the sun while it lasts.


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