12-5-16 Monday

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In case you missed it…

On Saturday, Aberdeen and Chesnee were adopted separately. The other four were scared when Teresa showed up to clean Saturday evening, but by the time they left, they were climbing all over her, Charleston was (of course) yelling at her, and Raleigh was sitting smugly in her lap. I’d be shocked if the other four are unadopted by this weekend – we’ll see (and of course I’ll be sure to let y’all know.)


Regarding Giving Tuesday, which I harassed y’all about last week – I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU again to those of you who donated, and those of you who shared the link. All told, between donations made via the Razoo link and donations made directly to Challenger’s House, just over $3,000 was raised, and that money was very much needed, very much appreciated – and y’all are THE VERY BEST. Thank you so so much!!


In Friday’s post, I shared Holly’s question about toys for dogs, and as a thank you, she said I could post a picture of the puppy in question. Her name is Gypsy, and check out this little face. Isn’t she ADORABLE?

(Thanks, Holly!)


The Carolinas have, of course, gone off to Petsmart, but I do – OF COURSE – still have pictures of them to share, at least through the end of the week. Those little monkeys sure are photogenic!

Yep, that’s Charleston. That boy always has something to say!

Charleston (left) and Iva. I was trying to lure all of them up on the bed for a final family portrait, but had no luck. Sweet miss Abby was coming to see what was going on, and way there in the back, Chesnee couldn’t be bothered.

Raleigh (front) and Chesnee.

“Am sleepy, lady. You go ‘way.”

Gorgeous Abby.

When the kittens were with us, if we had to give them dewormer or any kind of medicine, I’d put them on the top shelf, give them the medicine, and then give them a treat. I would keep the treats in a little pile on top of the condo, right where Abby is in this picture. I had to start keeping the treats in my pocket, because guess who figured out where the treats were, and would sneak up to eat them while I was distracted? Too smart for her own good, that girl.

I love Charlotte’s spots and stripes.

Flirty little Charleston.

Last snack time, Saturday morning. I had to give them their snack on the landing because they were screaming to get out of the foster room before their snack was ready.


Dustin in the sun.

Such a pretty boy.

Dustin has warmed up a bit. He still isn’t approaching Fred asking to be petted, but he isn’t hiding, and he isn’t cringing away. Saturday night around 11:00, I could hear noises upstairs, and looked on the camera to see that Dustin was playing like crazy. He did that for half an hour or so, tossing toys in the air, batting at balls, racing back and forth. Fred went in with the feather teaser and got him to play a bit. He’s certainly not the scaredest cat we’ve had, so hopefully he’ll decide that humans aren’t so bad, and will turn into a lap kitty.


Stefan misses those kittens a little bit, but all that time he’s saving in not having to hold them down and nibble on them ’til they scream is now devoted to sleeping, so it all works out.


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12-5-16 Monday — 13 Comments

  1. In the picture: “Last snack time, Saturday morning”, notice that their elbows are giving them Angel Wings?

    Congrats Aberdeen and Chesnee! May the other kittens get wonderful homes quickly!!!

    Holly, your little Gypsy is adorable!!! Oh, so cute!!!

  2. Thanks GD! and thank you Robyn (she’s famous now!). A repeat thank you also to all those who commented the other day. I think she is already twice as big in just a week’s time since that picture was taken!

    • Wow Gypsy is a cutie!!! And I know she’s chewing through those toys because she is too happy to stop! 😀

    • Holly – Seriously? It wasn’t enough to color coordinate the toy and the dog – you had to coordinate the toy, dog, and collar???? You’ve set the bar too high, I’m afraid. 🙂

  3. had to tell you, we posted a couple of pictures of our kittens eating out of their tray like that and then had to fess up that we stole the idea from you 🙂

    • It’s such a great idea, isn’t it? SO handy! When I think of how I used to carry a plate for each kitten… who’s got time for that?!

  4. Wonderful photo of Dustin with the sun streaks flowing in. Very transcendental. Like mystical cat gods are sending him a message that he has found the promised land.
    Gypsy is so very cute. Thanks for sharing Holly.

  5. Oh, I would like to mention that Philadelphia did a Mega adoption event like we have here a few times a year. It was sponsored by FCNMHP. All of their animals were adopted on the FIRST day. So, FCNMHP reached out to their affiliated locations and asked for pets. We (ACPS) in Jacksonville, FL. sent them all of our kittens, many of our cats and dogs. They also got pets from the Jacksonville Humane Society. After a very long drive – arriving a bit after 2 am (which really stressed us out worrying about our babies), they made it there safely. Any that were not adopted were promised to go to No Kill shelters. However, EVERY SINGLE dog and cat was adopted!!!

    You can read the story on facebook at the First Coast No More Homeless Pets page. See the postings about Brandywine Valley SPCA. If you see the Dec 3 at 4:37 posting, those pictures of our shelter, volunteers and cats.

  6. Wow is Gypsy adorable.

    That entry from ’14, about how Archie was Not coming indoors, how’d that work out?