4-13-20 Monday

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Back in late 2012 we fostered (for a brief amount of time) Kohle, who looked like this.

And in mid-2013 we fostered Khaleesi and her kittens including Puff, who looked like this.

Kohle is now Flynn, Puff is now Hook, and they are brothers and BFFs. Last week Flynn turned 8 (!), and he’s as beautiful as ever.

And Hook is still a nut.

LOVE those bunny paws! And it just cracks me up that 7 years later, he’s still got that same face.

I just love seeing former fosters.

(Thanks, Selena!)


Seriously, I cannot believe they even try to squeak through that hole, but they do – and they still fit (mostly), as illustrated here by Diego.

Pablo (and Diego) and the Open Mouth of Outrage.

Isn’t Isabella the PRETTIEST? She adores that scratcher.

Flirty Diego.

Pablo with a thlurrrp and a slight floof – and a whole lotta attitude.

Carmelita, also with attitude.

And Carmelita feelin’ floofy.

Pablo’s all “What is this, where am I and WHAT IS GOING ONNNN?!”

Alejandro’s serious little face.

Carmelita loooves her mama.

Isabella is off for her spay surgery this afternoon, and I will be SO glad to get it over with! I am counting us very lucky that she hasn’t gone into heat – and now she never will. Yay!


Newt wonders who’s gonna take care of these weeds. (No one, Newt. No one is going to take care of them. We’re just going to look at them out the window, proclaim “Someone needs to do something about those weeds” and then ignore them.)


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4-13-20 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. You know, seeing the Royals in the back posts, Isabella and Kate do look a lot alike.

  2. Carmelita says, “Mama! There is room for me on this scratcher, too!” They are both so pretty!


  3. Newt does, indeed, look like a mini cougar! I love these gorgeous photos every day, often making me laugh out loud, something we all need during these isolation times. Thank you, Robyn!!

  4. Hook and Flynn…still handsome dreamboats…

    So, so glad to read that beautiful Isabella can put her kitten days behind her. She can be proud of the cuties she did have though!

    Dumb question, but since when did the collar get put back on Next?! Uh oh, what did he do…

    • (For the love of…that should read “Newt”, not “Next”. Effing auto-correct…)

      • And oh for eff’s sake Brigitte… Nevermind.

        It’s not a collar, it’s a shadow making it look like he’s wearing a collar. Guess that’s what you get when you look at pictures on a Blackberry screen.

        Gotta leave this house…